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Modes of Connection – a review of Sorry by Gail Jones

My review of Gail Jones’ Sorry (Aus, US) appears in the latest Australian Women’s Book Review. Sorry is Gail Jones’s most important and accessible book to date. Perdita is born late in life to immigrant parents Nicholas and Stella. They have come from England so Nicholas can study anthropology. In Broome they keep a ramshackle […]

Swallow The Sound – Krissy Kneen

Think of biting into a ripe juicy strawberry, or the warm and heady scent of date scones the moment you break them open to pour on the honey. Reading one of the three bite-sized erotica-themed stories in Krissy Kneen’s Swallow the Sound is a similar palatable pleasure. Despite the sensual stimulation (goosebumpy skin, watering mouth, […]

Voiceworks #69 ‘Identikit’ – A Responsive Review

Depending on which side you open it from (a magazine with an identity crisis?) you will not be disappointed with the latest issue of Voiceworks, an Australian magazine that showcases the creative talent of under 25s. It is non-profit, literary, and intellectual without being inaccessible. ‘We are the youth and we are not apathetic’, it […]

Piece of You – Microfiction

My microfiction piece Piece of You has been published in the 2nd OneFifty ezine ‘Nergels’. Download ‘Nergels’ from OneFifty’s website – click on STORIES once you’re there.

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The Company of the Dead – David Kowalski

First published in the July 2007 issue of BOOKSELLER + PUBLISHER magazine (c) 2007 Thorpe-Bowker (a division of RR Bowker LLC) In 2012 the world is occupied by German and Japanese forces. America is divided. Agent Kennedy of the Confederate has always felt that something in his world is amiss. His thoughts are confirmed […]

In Good Company – Interview with David Kowalski

First published in the July 2007 issue of BOOKSELLER + PUBLISHER magazine (c) 2007 Thorpe-Bowker (a division of RR Bowker LLC) What inspired the idea that changing the fate of the Titanic could change the course of the Twentieth Century?   Rightly or wrongly, the fate of the Titanic has been linked with the […]

Compulsive Imaginings – Introducing Australian Poets Jill Jones, David Prater and Paul Hardacre

The UK Poetry website Metaroar has posted my interview with three great contemporary Australian poets – have a read: Compulsive Imaginings

BlogCatalog Community Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

You may not notice your kidneys, as you don’t notice the other organs tucked inside, quietly functioning to make you whole. Your kidneys filter waste liquid due to metabolism of the blood, and this creates urine. Without kidneys you cannot pee. My Dad didn’t pee for seven years. Luckily, there is a machine that could […]

Link to Review and Handy Book Site

I chose Gail Jones’ ‘Dreams of Speaking’ to do a small review for ‘book of the week’ on the handy site Booksprice. You can look up any book and they will compare prices for you. Click on the link to read my review or search out books on the site. If you are reading this […]

Tabitha Suzuma – Interview

I recently reviewed Tabitha Suzuma’s young adult novel A Note of Madness for the journal Viewpoint. I thought I would ask Tabitha a few questions about the themes of depression in the novel and her own journey as a writer. Enjoy.   What inspired you to make the characters music students in A Note of […]