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Piece of You – Microfiction

Angela MeyerJul 23, 20074 Comments

My microfiction piece Piece of You has been published in the 2nd OneFifty ezine 'Nergels'. Download 'Nerg

The Company of the Dead – David Kowalski

Angela MeyerJul 22, 2007

In Good Company – Interview with David Kowalski

Angela MeyerJul 22, 20071 Comment

Compulsive Imaginings – Introducing Australian Poets Jill Jones, David Prater and Paul Hardacre

Angela MeyerJul 20, 2007

The UK Poetry website Metaroar has posted my interview with three great contemporary Australian poets - have a read: Compulsive Imaginings

BlogCatalog Community Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

Angela MeyerJul 18, 20071 Comment

You may not notice your kidneys, as you don’t notice the other organs tucked inside, quietly functioning to make you whole. Your kidneys filter waste liquid due to metabolism of

Link to Review and Handy Book Site

Angela MeyerJul 17, 2007

I chose Gail Jones' 'Dreams of Speaking' to do a small review for 'book of the week' on the handy site Booksprice. You can look up any book and

Tabitha Suzuma – Interview

Angela MeyerJul 10, 2007