September, 2011

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Guest review: Rachel Edwards on Bearings by Leah Swann

, Sep 10, 2011

Affirm Press, 9780980790429 (Aus) Reviewed by Rachel Edwards Australia has seen an increase in the publishing, and the recognition of, short stories and their authors over the last few years. Cate Kennedy and Nam Le set the bar high, and Affirm Press are presenting reading audiences with some refined new voices through their innovative publishing of the […]
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1001 Australian Nights: Gerard Elson interviews Dave Graney, part two

, Apr 12, 2011

1001 Australian Nights Dave Graney 9780980790436, Affirm Press (Aus) by Gerard Elson Read part one here. Have you tried your hand at prose fiction? Would you ever be interested? I’d prefer to write fiction than something like 1001 Australian Nights. I’m having the heebs a bit with this book coming out and people reading it! […]
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1001 Australian Nights: Gerard Elson interviews Dave Graney, part one

, Apr 11, 2011

1001 Australian Nights Dave Graney 9780980790436, Affirm Press (Aus) by Gerard Elson Dave Graney likes his coffee weak and his public spaces swarming. So we meet at Starbucks. It’s not exactly rock ‘n’ roll, but then that’s Graney: never one to play the scummy, hard-worn rock pariah (thank god). He arrives early and I’m embarrassed […]
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A postcard from Beth Sometimes

, May 20, 2010

Beth Sometimes is the author/creator of From Sometimes Love Beth, where Sometimes wrote a postcard to somebody or someone (or something) every day for a year. She sent me this postcard, which gives you some insight into her work! Sometimes will be appearing at the Emerging Writers’ Festival, which starts this weekend in Melbourne (how exciting!)
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Guest review: Elena Gomez on Mic Looby’s Paradise Updated

, Oct 13, 2009

9780980374667 September 2009 (Aus/ Kindle) Affirm Press If you didn’t already know that Mic Looby was once a Lonely Planet writer and editor, it’s not difficult to guess, reading his debut novel, Paradise Updated. In it, the satirically named ‘SmallWorld’ publishers dominate the guidebook industry and the bloke who made them what they are today, legendary […]
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Melbourne Writers Festival diary 2009 part six: like a mother to a son

, Aug 28, 2009

‘We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it being a night of no small expenditure.’ – Alex, A Clockwork Orange (film version). I slept in and I’m running late for things but I would never forget about ye, droogs. Wednesday night I hosted cocktails at Match Bar in the city. We […]
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Somewhere in there…

, Jul 12, 2009

I’m exhausted and incoherent so I won’t offend you with a blabbering blog post. I’ll try and sum up things in a minimalist fashion: Overland Master Class for Progressive Writers: inspiring, practical, beneficial + connections made. My party last night: 4am tequila, Trivial Pursuit, gender conversations, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, chips for breakfast. My week […]