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<i>Promethea: Book 1</i> by Alan Moore, JH Williams III, Mick Gray

Promethea: Book 1 by Alan Moore, JH Williams III, Mick Gray

April 23, 2009 4 Comments

Written by Alan Moore, art by JH Williams III and Mick Gray (Aus, US) An enhanced version of modern-day New York (1999) is the main setting of Promethea Book 1, alongside an alternate realm where all the vivid imaginings that go on in the collective consciousness (and unconscious) live, the Immateria. Main character Sophie and […]

Read and Seen: <i>Watchmen</i>

Read and Seen: Watchmen

March 25, 2009 26 Comments

The second simultaneous book and film review by LiteraryMinded’s Angela Meyer and Celluloid Tongue’s Gerard Elson. Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons (1986, DC Comics, 9781401222666 – Aus, US) Angela says… Reading a graphic novel is an experience already half-way between literature and film. The opening ‘frames’ of Watchmen are like a series of shots from moving […]

The silver set and the beautiful people

The silver set and the beautiful people

March 21, 2009 15 Comments

(Yes, I’ve changed the format of my titles, it’s not a boo-boo). I attended the Summer Read Awards at the State Library yesterday afternoon (winner I am Melba, Ann Blainey), and was still surprised (but shouldn’t be) to hear that most of the voters were of the silver set – and voted by snail mail […]