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Topic: Allen & Unwin
Between worlds: Dominic Smith on <i>Bright and Distant Shores</i>

Between worlds: Dominic Smith on Bright and Distant Shores

Allen & Unwin, 9781742374161, 2011 (Aus paperback, ebook + US/Kindle) Bright and Distant Shores is hugely imaginative historical fiction. It’s set just before the dawn of the 20th century in Chicago and the South Pacific. Owen Graves is sent by Hale Gray, the president of Chicago First Equitable, to collect some ‘special items’ to display […]

Win James Franco’s <i>Palo Alto</i> with Faber Academy

Win James Franco’s Palo Alto with Faber Academy

Beginning the blogging year with a giveaway is always a good idea! This week you can win a copy of actor James Franco’s upcoming short story collection Palo Alto, courtesy of Faber Academy and Allen & Unwin. What is Faber Academy? The Academy began in London when Faber offered creative writing courses out of their […]

Investing in rainbows: Lisa Lang’s <i>Utopian Man</i>

Investing in rainbows: Lisa Lang’s Utopian Man

Utopian Man Lisa Lang Allen & Unwin 9781742373348 2010 (Australia) Edward Cole was the forward-thinking, optimistic and eccentric founder of Cole’s Book Arcade – a utopian hive of 1880’s Melbourne. In the Arcade was stacked all manner of books (which were able to be perused on in-store lounges), pamphlets (including challenging, self-published explorations by Cole), and eventually, […]

Guest review: Matthia Dempsey on Patti Smith’s <i>Just Kids</i>

Guest review: Matthia Dempsey on Patti Smith’s Just Kids

Bloomsbury/Allen & Unwin February 2010 9780747548409 (Aus, US/Kindle) Reviewed by Matthia Dempsey Emerging from their teens, Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe first encounter each other in 1960s New York, a recognition as much as a meeting. Smith has fled the aftermath of an unplanned pregnancy and adoption, and the factory future that faces her in […]

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Janine Burke’s <i>Source: Nature’s Healing Role in Art and Writing</i>

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Janine Burke’s Source: Nature’s Healing Role in Art and Writing

Allen & Unwin November 2009 (Aus) 9781741759177 The meticulous research that went into this book is a testament to renowned art historian Janine Burke’s passion for art and its influences. In Source, she explores the resonating impact of nature and environment on the works of various writers and artists of the modern era. I have […]

Melbourne launch of the <i>Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature</i>

Melbourne launch of the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature

The Red Rotunda at the Cowen Gallery at the State Library of Victoria is filled with silver-haired literary giants, and a young woman enters, sweaty and carrying two bags (she has walked from work). She sees a couple of familiar faces but is too intimidated to talk to them. She clasps a glass of champagne and […]

Guest review: Sam Cooney on Mark Mordue’s <i>Dastgah</i>

Guest review: Sam Cooney on Mark Mordue’s Dastgah

  Dastgah, Mark Mordue Allen & Unwin (2001, Australia). Also published overseas. Review by Sam Cooney. Dastgah is an account of Australian writer, journalist and editor Mark Mordue’s first trip overseas: a one-year journey through the regions of India, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Iran, and the cities of Paris and New York. The […]