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Numbers, Solitude, Cinnamon Cookies + New Voices

Numbers, Solitude, Cinnamon Cookies + New Voices

According to my dashboard, this is my 200th post since I started this blog in May 2007. And you know what? In the past couple of years through this blog, my novel manuscripts, my short stories and thesis, and my work, I’m quite sure I have written over a million words. I mean, I probably […]

<i>Express or Die? The Sensidictory Artist</i> – an extract

Express or Die? The Sensidictory Artist – an extract

Here is an extract from my piece in The Death Mook, being launched tomorrow night at Dante’s in Fitzroy, Vic. Buy it here. In the full piece I discuss Sylvia Plath, Susanna Kaysen, and Elizabeth Wurtzel (in that order). As I’ll be reading the Sylvia Plath section tomorrow night, I’m reproducing the introduction and the middle section […]

<i>The Boy Detective Fails</i> by Joe Meno – a ‘mood’ review

The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno – a ‘mood’ review

      Punk Planet Books, 9781933354101, 2006 (Aus, US) razor. pillow-kiss. mental patients. interior snowflakes. haunted house memory. failed masked-man. essentially bad or essentially good? the horror of a discovery. pills, lots of them. lonely echoing voices down the phone. vaporized individuals. an office. graveyard shift. mystery. solved/unsolved. missing her. stealing pink. childhood gone. […]