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Topic: Angela Carter
20 classics in 2011 #4: <i>Heroes and Villains</i> by Angela Carter

20 classics in 2011 #4: Heroes and Villains by Angela Carter

I’m reading 20 classic, modern-classic or cult books in 2011. Read more about this project here. Why did I want to read it? I only heard of Angela Carter, strangely, when I started my doctorate and attended a seminar about one of the stories in The Bloody Chamber. It included a hand-out with an extract of the story. Feminist, […]

Guest review: Lyndon Riggall on <i>The Girl With No Hands</i> by Angela Slatter

Guest review: Lyndon Riggall on The Girl With No Hands by Angela Slatter

Ticonderoga Publications, 2011 9780980628883 (Aus, US, UK) reviewed by Lyndon Riggall In my first year at University I studied fairytales, and more specifically Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, a book which is arguably the poster-child of fairytale re-imaginings. Carter writes well, and in many cases her stories spin beautifully away from tradition while remaining neatly tied […]