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Extrapolations: stories re-imagined from the tangible, a guest post by Kent MacCarter

Extrapolations: stories re-imagined from the tangible, a guest post by Kent MacCarter

September 19, 2011

By Kent MacCarter In the preface on page six of Dupain’s Sydney, an art book featuring photographic plates of cityscapes, city dwellers and urban whatnot by acclaimed photographer Max Dupain, there is a photograph of the artist fussing with the aperture on his 4×5 large-format camera perched on a fully extended tripod. You can detect […]

The epic qualities of outwardly ordinary lives: <i>By Nightfall</i> and Michael Cunningham in Australia

The epic qualities of outwardly ordinary lives: By Nightfall and Michael Cunningham in Australia

May 25, 2011 7

By Nightfall, Michael Cunningham, HarperCollins (Aus pb, Aus ebook, US and Kindle, UK) Over the past few days I’ve been in the audience of four sessions featuring my favourite American author Michael Cunningham. Cunningham’s latest novel is By Nightfall. I’ve drafted a few posts on it since I read it, but was never able to adequately […]

Whole-hearted lovers and layers of history: an interview with Mardi McConnochie, author of <i>The Voyagers</i>

Whole-hearted lovers and layers of history: an interview with Mardi McConnochie, author of The Voyagers

May 18, 2011 1

Viking, May 2011 9780670075966 (Aus, ebook) Stead, a sailor, arrives in Sydney Harbour in 1943. He hasn’t seen Marina for five years, and yet he can’t forget the three days they spent together prior to the war. Some undeniable connection had been forged. He finds out she failed to enrol in the music school she was […]

20 classics in 2011 #5: <i>The Picture of Dorian Gray</i> by Oscar Wilde

20 classics in 2011 #5: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

April 15, 2011 4

I’m reading 20 classic, modern-classic or cult books in 2011. Read more about this project here. Why did I want to read it? I’d always heard Oscar Wilde was a wit, and the supernatural element of the story appealed to me. When was it published? It was first published in 1890, as an issue of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine. A later […]

Don DeLillo’s <i>Point Omega</i>

Don DeLillo’s Point Omega

April 28, 2010 7

Point Omega Don DeLillo Picador, 2010, 9780330512381 (Aus, US/Kindle) I’ve been ‘doing’ a few American writers of late. Loved my first encounter with Michael Chabon, in A Model World – he’s a master of beginnings and endings in those short gems – and will follow-up someday with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and […]



April 2, 2010 4

Frustration and inspiration. Sometimes one even bleeds into the other. I wrote a novel manuscript in a time of frustration, the first draft in just 12 weeks, as I saw it as a kind of ‘golden ticket’, a way through and out of my situation. Though it wasn’t (a way out) in the end – the […]

Peter Goldsworthy on <i>Gravel</i>

Peter Goldsworthy on Gravel

March 9, 2010 1

Gravel Peter Goldsworthy Hamish Hamilton March 2010 (Australia) 9781926428192 Gravel is Peter Goldsworthy’s new collection of short stories – amusing and moving – covering a range of predominantly white middle-class characters in conflict with their own egos. But there are also stories exploring erotic awakening (something Goldsworthy did well in Everything I Knew) and others where […]

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Janine Burke’s <i>Source: Nature’s Healing Role in Art and Writing</i>

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Janine Burke’s Source: Nature’s Healing Role in Art and Writing

February 5, 2010

Allen & Unwin November 2009 (Aus) 9781741759177 The meticulous research that went into this book is a testament to renowned art historian Janine Burke’s passion for art and its influences. In Source, she explores the resonating impact of nature and environment on the works of various writers and artists of the modern era. I have […]

Goodbye Billie Jean

Goodbye Billie Jean

November 15, 2009 4

With a million things due and a million to organise (not to mention the inbox) I’m running away today to go for a walk in the mountains with some dear friends. I really, really need it. Yesterday I came back from a business trip to Sydney. It was great meeting people from some of the […]

A ‘responsive’ interview with Kirsten Reed, author of <i>The Ice Age</i>

A ‘responsive’ interview with Kirsten Reed, author of The Ice Age

September 20, 2009 3

The Ice Age Kirsten Reed Text, 2009 9781921520747 (Aus, US/Kindle) Prompts: LiteraryMinded Responses: Kirsten Reed One of your own ‘on the road’ experiences… I was seventeen, hitching a short distance (about forty miles; this was a leg of my journey for which there was no connecting bus). The sun was about to set, and I […]

Love, sex and intimacy with Krissy Kneen, author of <i>Affection</i> (a <i>LiteraryMinded</i> ‘responsive’ interview)

Love, sex and intimacy with Krissy Kneen, author of Affection (a LiteraryMinded ‘responsive’ interview)

August 3, 2009 6

Affection: A Memoir of Love, Sex and Intimacy Text Publishing 9781921520617 August 2009 (Aus, US) Prompts: LiteraryMinded Responses: Krissy Kneen Things that are fast/things that are slow Motorcycles.  Rollercoaster. Pick ups.  Orgasms.  All too fast.  Slow would be nice.  Slow is the ideal, something to aspire to.  It all ends too quickly.  Everything. And the […]

<i>Turner’s Paintbox</i> by Paul Morgan

Turner’s Paintbox by Paul Morgan

April 9, 2009

Viking, 9780670071364, 2007 (Australia) Gerard Moyne is an extremely successful Sydney-based art consultant, art lover, and all round philosophical aesthete. He falls for the independent, earthy, and oft-scattered Julia. They’re not exactly opposites, but nor do they complement each other entirely. Their relationship, and its undoing (it begins with this) are chronicled, alongside the narrative […]

<i>The Steele Diaries</i> – Wendy James

The Steele Diaries – Wendy James

January 21, 2009

Vintage, 2008, 9781740513845 Ruth comes from a line of artists, but preferred to study medicine and become a doctor like her father. When her father passes away, she is forced to leave the city and head home to arrange everything. A man called Douglas Grant calls, who had written a biography of her grandmother – bohemian artist […]