April, 2011

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1001 Australian Nights: Gerard Elson interviews Dave Graney, part two

, Apr 12, 2011

1001 Australian Nights Dave Graney 9780980790436, Affirm Press (Aus) by Gerard Elson Read part one here. Have you tried your hand at prose fiction? Would you ever be interested? I’d prefer to write fiction than something like 1001 Australian Nights. I’m having the heebs a bit with this book coming out and people reading it! […]
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1001 Australian Nights: Gerard Elson interviews Dave Graney, part one

, Apr 11, 2011

1001 Australian Nights Dave Graney 9780980790436, Affirm Press (Aus) by Gerard Elson Dave Graney likes his coffee weak and his public spaces swarming. So we meet at Starbucks. It’s not exactly rock ‘n’ roll, but then that’s Graney: never one to play the scummy, hard-worn rock pariah (thank god). He arrives early and I’m embarrassed […]
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Brendan Cowell’s How it Feels

, Nov 19, 2010

Picador, November 2010 9781405039291 Our protag, Neil, is a young ‘arty’ guy from Cronulla whose concerns oscillate between the people of home, and his burgeoning theatre career. He’s self-absorbed, which we know because it’s reiterated a million times in the book. He can’t make up his mind about which chick to f*ck and keep f*cking. […]
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Joel Magarey’s Exposure: A Journey

, May 18, 2010

Exposure: A Journey Joel Magarey Wakefield Press (Australia) 9781862548237 2009 I write this review just moments after finishing the book, and really, I’m aching from it. Joel Magarey has just taken me on an adventure – around the world, through illness and through love. The narrative flows back and forth between periods in the ’80s and ’90s […]
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David Carlin’s Our Father Who Wasn’t There

, Feb 09, 2010

Scribe February 2010 9781921640254 (Aus, US) David Carlin was six months old when his father, Brian, ‘went to sleep and never woke up’. His mother kept a photo of him on the bedside table, but otherwise, not much was spoken of his existence to David and his two older siblings, until they were much older. […]
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Meeting Alex Miller part one: on the origins of a contemporary story

, Dec 01, 2009

Recently I interviewed Alex Miller about his new novel Lovesong  (Aus, US) for Readings Monthly. As many of you know, Miller is not only one of Australia’s finest authors, but he’s one of my personal favourites, so I took this wonderful opportunity to extend my conversation with him to his other works, as well as writing and life […]
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This cumulative kind of effect when you stop: an interview with Emily Maguire on Smoke in the Room, part two

, Nov 05, 2009

Part One of this interview can be found here. Pictured: Emily Maguire and I before the Sleepers Salon in October. I ask Maguire about the setting. Is it pertinent for this story to be set in Sydney? She says it probably could have been a few cities, but ‘western Sydney is – the cliché is […]
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Guest review: Elena Gomez on Mic Looby’s Paradise Updated

, Oct 13, 2009

9780980374667 September 2009 (Aus/ Kindle) Affirm Press If you didn’t already know that Mic Looby was once a Lonely Planet writer and editor, it’s not difficult to guess, reading his debut novel, Paradise Updated. In it, the satirically named ‘SmallWorld’ publishers dominate the guidebook industry and the bloke who made them what they are today, legendary […]
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Turner’s Paintbox by Paul Morgan

, Apr 09, 2009

Viking, 9780670071364, 2007 (Australia) Gerard Moyne is an extremely successful Sydney-based art consultant, art lover, and all round philosophical aesthete. He falls for the independent, earthy, and oft-scattered Julia. They’re not exactly opposites, but nor do they complement each other entirely. Their relationship, and its undoing (it begins with this) are chronicled, alongside the narrative […]
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Other People’s Favourite Books – Troy Martin on Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet

, Feb 09, 2009

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. Hi, I’m Troy, a high school English teacher, frustrated writer, all round book nerd. Being an ‘English’ teacher means more than grammar or literacy, but literature, blogs, picture books, websites, cultural studies and much more… I have been teaching in the NSW public education system […]