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Topic: blogging

Some notes on the ‘new world’ of publishing

On the weekend I was a guest of the Write Around the Murray Festival in Albury. Besides giving a blogging/social media workshop, I was on a panel called The New World of Publishing alongside author Cate Kennedy, zinester Anna Poletti, self-published memoirist Melinda Marengo, and Barry Dorr and Jo Costello from JoJo Publishing. I thought I’d […]

Byron Bay Writers Festival 2010 diary, part 1

A sun-drenched and possibly superficial series of blog posts Around 9pm on Wednesday night I rolled into Gold Coast airport. My talented friend Omar Musa was on the same bus into Byron and we decided we should go out and wreak some havoc. Havoc was kebabs and a quiet pub where a young blonde man by […]

Last weekend’s literary connectivity, and what I’ve been reading lately

On the weekend I was up in sunny Brisbane for the Australian Booksellers Association 2010 conference. It’s a conference for members and friends of the ABA – so, booksellers, publishers, and some librarians and media. I was officially there as a ‘blogger’ – on a panel called ‘Customers, Connections and Communities’, with Andrew McDonald from […]

On writing, blogging and social media: an interview from Victorian Writer

After reading A.S. Patric’s thoughts on blogging, in an interview he did for Nigel Featherstone at the Canberra Times, I thought I’d reprint a recent interview I did for Victorian Writer, the Victorian Writers’ Centre magazine, to add to the conversation. Enjoy! And please share your thoughts in the comments, or via the Facebook fan page, Twitter, your own blogs, […]

Avatar: a mash-up

This piece is a mash-up of an undergrad essay from a couple of years ago, plus present thoughts, imaginings and speculation on the narrative of self in a virtual environment. Storytelling is as old as humanity. The human has always actively projected him/herself into realms of fantasy (through song, art, drama, writing). Modernity advanced the visual aspect […]

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part four: finding meaning in the media

…in which the audience gasps audibly at the mention of Twitter! Official festival blogger Estelle and I are aptly blogging this morning’s session laptop by laptop, sandwich by sandwich, in a cafe overlooking one of the festival venues. Jeff Sparrow spoke to Margaret Simons about Finding Meaning in the Media. Simons is a fellow Crikey blogger, and […]

The inability to relax (an experiment in the confessional)

It’s not often that I feel calm. I have supernovas going off in my head, squirmy things in my muscles and fingertips. I’m sore all the time because I exercise so much. It’s one of the only ways to expend the energy, wear me down, expend the effort effort effort. And I love the zing […]

Embracing the medium: what makes a successful cultural blog?

The following article is a slightly amended version of the speech I gave during the Emerging Writers’ Festival panel The Revolution Will Be Downloaded, May 2009. In my reading of cultural blogs (particularly literary blogs), and through a growing audience for LiteraryMinded, I have found that some recurring elements exist in blogs which could be deemed successful. My measure of […]

LiteraryMinded turns two

Happy 2nd birthday to LiteraryMinded! Two years! I was going to link to the very first review but to tell you the truth I find it clumsy, and my writing a little too presumptuous and bold. But this is a good thing because the cringe shows I have come quite a ways since that virgin […]

Machine Man… an interview with Max Barry

Max Barry, author of Company, Jennifer Government and Syrup, agreed to satisfy my curiosity about his online novel Machine Man, and other writing projects… It’s not like it’s never been done before, but you may be one of the first Australian authors depositing installments of a novel into cyberspace day-by-day with Machine Man. What made you decide […]