June, 2009

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My Extraordinary Life and Death by Doug Macleod: an extract

, Jun 26, 2009

Doug Macleod says… When I was asked to do a blog for The Centre for Youth Literature at The State Library of Victoria, I realised that my life is depressingly undramatic. I have never done anything that might endanger my life, save for living in St Kilda. How could I make my life more interesting? I did what […]
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Mark Twain made ’em laugh: an edited extract from Susannah Fullerton’s Brief Encounters: Literary Travellers in Australia

, Jun 10, 2009

The following is an edited extract from Brief Encounters: Literary Travellers in Australia by Susannah Fullerton. Published by Picador Australia, June 2009. Mark Twain came to Australia billed as ‘the funniest man in the world’ and Australians loved his dry humour and stories… Their expectation was by now at fever pitch, their bodies perspiring from […]