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Topic: book reviews
Brief review of <i>The Kid on the Karaoke Stage</i> in this month’s <i>ABR</i>

Brief review of The Kid on the Karaoke Stage in this month’s ABR

Just a quick note to say that I wrote an ‘in brief’ review of the excellent short story collection The Kid on the Karaoke Stage and Other Stories, edited by Georgia Richter (Aus), for this month’s Australian Book Review, out now in print and online. Here’s an extract: ‘While the stories in The Kid on the Karaoke […]

Sending out your books for review: a few tips

Sending out your books for review: a few tips

I’m a very lucky person. I receive several books in the mail each week and several more offers via email. There are a lot of books being published every day, and many that interest me or that I think would interest the readers of this blog. Literary editors, freelance reviewers, magazine and journal editors, and other […]

Review of Ali Alizadeh’s <i>Iran: My Grandfather</i> up at <i>Mascara</i>

Review of Ali Alizadeh’s Iran: My Grandfather up at Mascara

My review of Ali Alizadeh’s wonderful book Iran: My Grandfather (Aus, US) has been published in Mascara Literary Review. You can read the review here. While you’re there, have a look at the poems, reviews, stories, photographs and translations in this elegant bi-annual which focuses on the work of contemporary Asian, Australian and Indigenous writers

On writing, blogging and social media: an interview from <i>Victorian Writer</i>

On writing, blogging and social media: an interview from Victorian Writer

After reading A.S. Patric’s thoughts on blogging, in an interview he did for Nigel Featherstone at the Canberra Times, I thought I’d reprint a recent interview I did for Victorian Writer, the Victorian Writers’ Centre magazine, to add to the conversation. Enjoy! And please share your thoughts in the comments, or via the Facebook fan page, Twitter, your own blogs, […]



Greenbeard is a new lit/arts mag edited by Mariana Sabino. Its flavour is international, with writers from Europe, India and Australia. Mariana is quite a fan of my writing and my blog and has included four of my pieces in the first issue – two book reviews, a film review and my short story Dead […]

The Company of the Dead – David Kowalski

The Company of the Dead – David Kowalski

First published in the July 2007 issue of BOOKSELLER + PUBLISHER magazine (c) 2007 Thorpe-Bowker (a division of RR Bowker LLC) In 2012 the world is occupied by German and Japanese forces. America is divided. Agent Kennedy of the Confederate has always felt that something in his world is amiss. His thoughts are confirmed […]

<i>A Note of Madness</i> – Tabitha Suzuma

A Note of Madness – Tabitha Suzuma

2006, Random House, 978009948731 (US, Aus) First published in Viewpoint, vol. 15, no. 2, Winter 2007 Flynn attends the Royal College of Music in London. He has a close relationship with his friends Harry and Jennah. His Professors believe strongly in his potential. So why is he beginning to doubt it? Flynn starts ‘going underground’, […]

<i>Racists</i> – Kunal Basu

Racists – Kunal Basu

2006, Phoenix, 9780753821503 (Aus, US) The ultimate experiment. A black boy and a white girl, raised equally as savages by a mute Nurse on a desolate island. Her only instruction is to keep them alive. It is 1855, and expert British Craniologist Samuel Bates is debating with French scientist Jean-Louis Belavoix about racial superiority. The […]

In the Blood – Jackie French

In the Blood – Jackie French

2001, Harper Collins, 9780207197796 Jackie French is a very prolific Australian writer. In the Blood is the first in a trilogy which is intended for those a little older than her regular audience. While it is probably located in the Young Adult section in a bookstore it could just as easily be categorised as general […]

<i>The End of the World</i> – Paddy O’Reilly – A creative review

The End of the World – Paddy O’Reilly – A creative review

2007, University of Queensland Press, ISBN: 9780702235948 (Aus, US) This is a book of short stories by Australian author Paddy O’Reilly. She has published one novel The Factory. Denise O’Dea in Australian Book Review says of The Factory: ‘…it turned an ingenious intellectual premise into a complex, gripping, flesh-and-blood story. It was full of ideas […]