March, 2009

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Adelaide Should Not Be Shut Down

, Mar 18, 2009

I arrived home from Adelaide to find Lord Mayor of Melbourne had been quoted as saying Adelaide should be ‘shut down’. The feeling of oddness was still with me from traipsing up and down Hindley Street all weekend – sex shops and tittie bars (and cyber sex cafes – the point?); R&B-type slick and shiny […]
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Read and Seen: Revolutionary Road

, Feb 17, 2009

The first in a series of simultaneous book and film reviews by LiteraryMinded‘s Angela Meyer and Celluloid Tongue‘s Gerard Elson. Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates (orig. 1961, several editions: Aus, US) Angela says… Revolutionary Road opens with a moody series of observances and a sense of foreboding – 1955, Western Connecticut, settled yet restless characters, cars too […]
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I am Sam, a Horse Guest, Music, and Reminiscent

, Feb 01, 2009

* I have a friend called Sam. He’s really rad. A few months ago I told him that Vignette Press were looking for art to accompany the text in The Death Mook. His paintings and drawings are often on the macabre side, as his main artistic influences are horror cinema, and surrealist art (and Playboy, perhaps?). […]