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Topic: Chris Currie

Mystery, strangeness and coming-of-age: an interview with Christopher Currie, author of The Ottoman Motel

Text Publishing, May 2011, 9781921758164 (Aus, US, UK) The parents of a young boy disappear in a small, strange town called Reception, in Christopher Currie’s atmospheric debut novel The Ottoman Motel. The townfolk don’t seem to be trying too hard to find Simon’s parents, and it isn’t the first disappearance in the area. Currie’s debut is […]

A literary proposal

A review copy of Christopher Currie’s debut novel The Ottoman Motel is sitting neatly in my to-read pile, but the final edition that is officially released on 2 May and is circulating now contains a very special message on the acknowledgements page. Click here to take a look: Chris Currie’s proposal But how did it all […]

‘Obsolescence’ (an extract)

My short story ‘Obsolescence’ is the story representing the country of Norway (and the city of Bergen) in The Lifted Brow 6: Atlas. There are stories, songs, poems, illustrations and limericks representing every country in the world in this amazing, ambitious issue (book + 2 CDs). I’m so happy to be among contributors like Eddy Current […]

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Christopher Currie interviews Wells Tower, part the second

  Part the first of Christopher Currie’s interview with Wells Tower can be found here. Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned Wells Tower Granta, 2009 9781847080486 (Aus, US/Kindle) In other interviews, you’ve talked about your stories having a ‘moral pendulum’ swinging between characters, and the importance of putting the reader slightly off-balance at the end of a […]

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Christopher Currie interviews Wells Tower, part the first

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned Wells Tower Granta, 2009 9781847080486 (Aus, US/Kindle) Words: Christopher Currie and Wells Tower Image: Chris Somerville Back in March, during one of my reverential trawls through my RSS feeds, I began hearing about an American writer, Wells Tower, whose short story collection Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned was beginning to garner some […]

The Lifted Brow No. 4

9780980595406, 2009, Australia Several truly amazing, innovative and startlingly written stories are contained within the pages of The Lifted Brow No. 4. Unfortunately, there are so many stories in this issue that several ordinary, often pointless and quirk-for-the-sake-of-it ones have also snuck in, making it a bit of a treasure hunt read. The book also […]

The silver set and the beautiful people

(Yes, I’ve changed the format of my titles, it’s not a boo-boo). I attended the Summer Read Awards at the State Library yesterday afternoon (winner I am Melba, Ann Blainey), and was still surprised (but shouldn’t be) to hear that most of the voters were of the silver set – and voted by snail mail […]


Chris Currie has pulled back the curtain and revealed our names alongside our stories after his ‘Sneaky Celebrity Writers Month’ on Furious Horses in February. Krissy Kneen was the one who guessed the most correctly and won a grand Obama-themed prize. Lucky thing! Here is my story ‘Velocity‘. Also – Krissy is herself having guest writer contributors on […]

Let’s Have a Conversation

Good-weekend lit-lovelies, Check out the crowd in the reading room! You can view some more pictures from The Death Mook launch here. This was absolutely the highlight of my week. I had to have a few wines before reading to deal with the nerves, damn them, and because there was such a big crowd! Dion and Lisa […]

I am Sam, a Horse Guest, Music, and Reminiscent

* I have a friend called Sam. He’s really rad. A few months ago I told him that Vignette Press were looking for art to accompany the text in The Death Mook. His paintings and drawings are often on the macabre side, as his main artistic influences are horror cinema, and surrealist art (and Playboy, perhaps?). […]