September, 2010

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Guest review: Chris Flynn on Justin Cronin’s The Passage

, Sep 07, 2010

The Passage Justin Cronin (Aus, US) Orion 9780752897851 Reviewed by Chris Flynn It’s funny how movies influence books so much these days. The fact that The Passage was optioned by Sir Ridley Scott for $1.75 million within a week of Cronin settling on a $3.75 million publishing deal for his vampire apocalypse trilogy is unsurprising […]
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Guest review: Raili Simojoki on harvest: issue 5

, Aug 17, 2010

harvest: issue 5 reviewed by Raili Simojoki Harvest ’s gentle, reflective, sometimes anxious writing appeals to Gen Y romantics who, dissatisfied by the disconnected, disposable information generated by mass media, are drawn instead to the poetic, intricate, and meandering. Editor Davina Bell speaks directly to this audience in her essay ‘To my Generation of Precious […]
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Dog’s Tails: storytelling nights at Dog’s Bar, St Kilda

, Jun 01, 2010

It’s a Thursday. Gand I put on our coats and walk briskly down Acland Street, St Kilda, to the warm, busy, art-filled Dog’s Bar for the weekly storytelling event ‘Dog’s Tails’. It’s about 7:30 and we order a glass of the Dog’s Shiraz. Curators of the storytelling event, Chris Flynn and Josephine Rowe, are there already, eating […]
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Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part seven: debuts, exquisite short fiction, the bleak outsider, and erotic celebration

, Aug 29, 2009

Friday 28/8 Debut With Style was chaired by Mr McSweeney’s, Eli Horowitz, and on the panel were Evie Wyld, Reif Larsen, Hitomi Kanehara (pictured below) and Lisa Unger. All had a different experience of ‘debuting’. Larsen had a ‘burning desire’ to write The Collected Works of TS Spivetand the publication was almost a bonus. Unger wrote […]
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Melbourne Writers Festival diary 2009 part six: like a mother to a son

, Aug 28, 2009

‘We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it being a night of no small expenditure.’ – Alex, A Clockwork Orange (film version). I slept in and I’m running late for things but I would never forget about ye, droogs. Wednesday night I hosted cocktails at Match Bar in the city. We […]
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Creative flaccidity

, Apr 04, 2009

It doesn’t happen often, but I’m feeling a bit that way today. And it’s frustrating. Because I only really have a few hours on the weekend to work on fiction. I tapped out about 1000 words of 90s novel, but they weren’t very inspired. They were limp and floppy. Hopefully next weekend will be better. […]