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Guest review: Alice Grundy on <i>Mr Peanut</i> by Adam Ross

Guest review: Alice Grundy on Mr Peanut by Adam Ross

April 26, 2011

Vintage, 9780099535379 (Aus, UK, US) Reviewed by Alice Grundy The cover of Adam Ross’ first novel, Mr Peanut, is swathed in praise from no lesser lights than Stephen King and Michiko Kakutani. The title page features a reproduction of Escher’s ‘Mobius’ flagging the role of the double in the plot. All the signs point towards […]

Crime Time! <i>Doors Open</i> by Ian Rankin

Crime Time! Doors Open by Ian Rankin

January 2, 2009 2

Orion, 2008, 9780752890715 (Aus, US/Kindle) Ian Rankin is known for uncovering Edinburgh’s underbelly in his Inspector Rebus novels, but a different side again is exposed in Doors Open – the dark streak of rich, bored executives; art lovers; and software engineers in the Scottish capital. Mike Mackenzie is a 37-year-old art collector who is offered […]