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Eva Hornung on <i>Dog Boy</i>, writing and activism

Eva Hornung on Dog Boy, writing and activism

March 9, 2009 14

In October 2006, I was sitting at the airport in Bali after the Ubud Writers’ and Readers’ Festival, and Eva Hornung (then Sallis) and her gorgeous little boy came and sat next to me. I had seen her speak during the festival, and read her book Fire, Fire, which I found quite confronting. We talked […]

<i>Overland 193</i>

Overland 193

January 12, 2009 4

Summer 2008, ed. Jeff Sparrow, 9780980534603 Another stimulating issue of a journal that dares to challenge you. By this I don’t mean just political stimulation (thought there is plenty of that there) but through non-mainstream points of observation. Overland generally gives you a variety of pieces on topics you may not have even thought of thinking about, if you know what […]