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Read and Seen: <i>Revolutionary Road </i>

Read and Seen: Revolutionary Road

February 17, 2009 7

The first in a series of simultaneous book and film reviews by LiteraryMinded‘s Angela Meyer and Celluloid Tongue‘s Gerard Elson. Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates (orig. 1961, several editions: Aus, US) Angela says… Revolutionary Road opens with a moody series of observances and a sense of foreboding – 1955, Western Connecticut, settled yet restless characters, cars too […]

Two <i>Hamlet</i>s

Two Hamlets

December 2, 2008 3

Hamlet: A Novel, John Marsden, Text, 9781921351471, 2008 (Australia) + Hamlet (film), directed by Kenneth Branagh, 1996. John Marsden has always had a distinct ability to grasp and express adolescent experience. His Hamlet: a Novel is highly accessible for an audience familiar with heightened perceptions of desire, deception, unfairness, traps, loneliness, defiance, and existential angst. If you are familiar […]


March 28, 2008 3

Greenbeard is a new lit/arts mag edited by Mariana Sabino. Its flavour is international, with writers from Europe, India and Australia. Mariana is quite a fan of my writing and my blog and has included four of my pieces in the first issue – two book reviews, a film review and my short story Dead […]

Reflection, Pleasure and Inevitability – a film review of Evening and Venus

January 22, 2008 1

Evening (directed by Lajos Koltia, screenplay by Susan Minot and Michael Cunningham) and Venus (directed by Roger Michell, screenplay by Hanif Kureishi) were released on DVD in Australia in January 2008.   When you are in your final years, is there any point in regret? You have made choices in regards to love, lifestyle and […]

Factory Girl vs. The Notorious Betty Page – Film Review

August 20, 2007

Factory Girl (dir. George Hickenlooper) and The Notorious Betty Page (dir. Mary Harron) were released on DVD in Australia in August, 2007. Factory Girl and The Notorious Betty Page both depict women whose circumstances lead them to positions of difference. TNBP is a slightly superior film in that Betty is likeable and believable in the […]

Zodiac – Film Review

May 20, 2007 1

*SPOILERS* David Fincher shows restraint in his most recent killer-portrait pic. It has none of the blood-lust of Se7en or Fight Club, though there are a few gut-wrenching scenes. Instead, it is a compelling sleuth story that leaves the audience with a sense of unease. Just how many killers aren’t brought to justice due to […]