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Black Postcards: Kent MacCarter interviews Dean Wareham (part two)

Part one of this interview can be found here. How do you feel about TS Eliot’s (in)famous quip, ‘Good poets borrow, great poets steal’? Please enter your email address Sign up I was having a hard time figuring out what TS Eliot meant here – what’s the difference between borrowing and stealing in poetry? So […]

Black Postcards: Kent MacCarter interviews Dean Wareham (part one)

By Kent MacCarter Dean Wareham – musician, author, actor and a co-inventor of the ‘shoegaze’ aesthetic – is coming home to Australia. Sort of. Please enter your email address Sign up This month, he, his partner Britta Phillips, and band will be touring Australia and New Zealand playing entire sets from seminal rock band, Galaxie […]

Meeting Alex Miller part one: on the origins of a contemporary story

Recently I interviewed Alex Miller about his new novel Lovesong  (Aus, US) for Readings Monthly. As many of you know, Miller is not only one of Australia’s finest authors, but he’s one of my personal favourites, so I took this wonderful opportunity to extend my conversation with him to his other works, as well as writing and life […]

This cumulative kind of effect when you stop: an interview with Emily Maguire on Smoke in the Room, part one

In Smoke in the Room (Aus), three characters end up in a share house in Sydney. Katie works on instinct and is weighted by an overwhelming empathy. Adam, an American, is grieving and needs to save money to get home. Graeme, an aid worker, has rid himself of possessions and simplified his existence. In this […]

‘Discomfort is sometimes what is most precious to me about great art’ – Christos Tsiolkas on The Slap

Note: This review/interview is uncensored and contains swearing. The Slap (Aus, US) is a novel that grabs you by your tender spots, squeezes, and doesn’t let go. It’s yelling, not at you, but in general frustration, at the edge of a cliff, at the end of the world. The end of the world might be […]

I’d Like to Introduce You to Two of My Favourite Poets

Sean M Whelan’s and Nathan Curnow’s poems are very different in both style and theme, but come from much the same place. Nathan captures the poignancy of childhood and the wonderment of parenthood, nostalgia and love in his chapbook No Other Life But This through tiny observations – an arm through a sleeve, a question, a coffee […]

Matilda‘s Australian Litblog Snapshots

Established Australian litblog Matilda is doing a series of snapshots on Australian literary bloggers. Number seven was little ol’ me. Check out the interview. And be sure to scroll down the main blog page to check out the others. Perry Middlemiss has also just announced the death of Dorothy Porter, very sad news. Please enter your […]

Walking The White Road with Tania Hershman – Salt Publishing virtual book tour

9781844714759, Salt Publishing, 2008 (Aus, US/Kindle) Tania Hershman takes you on a series of short imaginative adventures in The White Road. Some stories are casual, tough, or laid-back, many are poetic. There are backwards unravellings, fantastical flights, speculated inventions, surprises, cleverness, humour, and scorn. The snapshots vary in tone, and explore possibilities – scientific, technological, emotional. […]

‘I Wanted to Talk About Being Completely Screwed Over by the Corporate Machine With a Smile on My Face’ – William Kostakis on Loathing Lola

Loathing Lola, William Kostakis, Pan Macmillan, 2008, Australia, 9780330424165 You rewrote the whole book to be in first person (no mean feat!), in Courtney’s point of view. How did you come to this decision? Okay, so originally, Loathing Lola was in the third person, with three leads, Courtney, Tim and Katie. Well, four leads, if you included […]

An Extraordinary Life – Interview with Jim Sharman on Blood & Tinsel

Blood & Tinsel, Jim Sharman, August 2008, HB (Australia) Miegunyah Press, 9780522853773 (Aus, US) This interview was first published in the June 2008 issue of BOOKSELLER+PUBLISHER magazine (c) 2008 Thorpe-Bowker (a division of RR Bowker LLC). A doctor said to your parents when you were a child that you have the makings of a philosopher. […]