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Topic: Joe Meno
The <i>LiteraryMinded</i> Couch, Episode One: <i>Uhh, Fail Vlog</i>

The LiteraryMinded Couch, Episode One: Uhh, Fail Vlog

I’ve been meaning to add video content to LiteraryMinded for yonks! I’ve interviewed authors on stage, I’ve read my own work aloud, I can write about books – but speaking alone into a camera is an entirely different kettle of fish…

Joe Meno coming to Sydney Writers Festival (and some event updates)

Joe Meno coming to Sydney Writers Festival (and some event updates)

The program for Sydney Writers Festival, which runs May 15 to 23, was revealed today. I’m still deciding on whether I’m going to make it up to Sydney for it or not, as I do have involvement in the Emerging Writers Festival here in Melbourne (for which the program is released on April 22). I had a […]

Peace, EWF & ‘Helloooo, my name is Number One…’

Peace, EWF & ‘Helloooo, my name is Number One…’

First of all, happy ANZAC Day. It’s great to take some time to think about the young soldiers who have been sacrificed for our country, and the sadness of war – conflict, power, greed. I know that books and films have been beneficial to my knowledge and understanding of war, and of nationalism, patriotism (the genuine, the […]

<i>The Lifted Brow No. 4</i>

The Lifted Brow No. 4

9780980595406, 2009, Australia Several truly amazing, innovative and startlingly written stories are contained within the pages of The Lifted Brow No. 4. Unfortunately, there are so many stories in this issue that several ordinary, often pointless and quirk-for-the-sake-of-it ones have also snuck in, making it a bit of a treasure hunt read. The book also […]

<i>The Boy Detective Fails</i> by Joe Meno – a ‘mood’ review

The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno – a ‘mood’ review

      Punk Planet Books, 9781933354101, 2006 (Aus, US) razor. pillow-kiss. mental patients. interior snowflakes. haunted house memory. failed masked-man. essentially bad or essentially good? the horror of a discovery. pills, lots of them. lonely echoing voices down the phone. vaporized individuals. an office. graveyard shift. mystery. solved/unsolved. missing her. stealing pink. childhood gone. […]