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Topic: Kafka

Review of The Meowmorphosis by Franz Kafka & Coleridge Cook in the Australian

First, let me apologise for the recent lack of fully formed blog posts. From next week I may have a bit more time for that (staying in the country). I’m giving my paper in a couple of days in London and have been super busy with work, sightseeing and drinking too much. I promise I’ll […]

Verity La interview

Alec Patric has asked me a few probing questions over at Verity La. If you’re interested in me as a writer (and person), or are curious about my work, you might want to check it out.

Exquisite restraint, maximum expression: an interview with Colm Tóibín (part one)

Brooklyn Colm Toibin (Aus, US) Picador 9780330425612 Acclaimed Irish novelist Colm Tóibín was recently in Australia for the Sydney Writers Festival as well as events in Melbourne, including one for the Wheeler Centre. I caught up with Tóibín at his Melbourne hotel to ask him some questions about writing and his latest novel Brooklyn, which I recently had […]

Brethren is one of my favourite words (but that has nothing to do with Peril, my best books of 2009, Kafka’s diary, or an Overland blog guest post)

* This week I went to the launch of Peril, edition 8: ‘why are people so unkind’? It featured readings, and a fun, sexy performance by Ladies of Colour Agency that made me want to get up an shake it, baby. Maxine Clarke, who performed her poetry, gives a very warm of a rundown of […]

I’ve Joined the Twits, the Dead (or Undead) and More Festivals!

I’m spending my Saturday making bookmarks for the blog to give out at the Format Festival next month (as it’s a DIY festival, I thought crafty-collage-style bookmarks would be apt). They’ll be on different colour cardboards with words, little images I like, and gel-pen artwork! It’s so much fun – I haven’t done craft for […]

I’m Terribly Afraid I Might Spontaneously Combust

Never have I felt this burning, scorching, bubbling of my insides so intensely before. I have previously likened the process of idea and inspiration for a story as being like a ‘brew’. The ingredients begin to react together inside your mind and pop and spit until it spills over onto the page as a draft. But this time… I […]

A few moments of history, horror, and Kafka in Prague

This is an edited extract from an essay I am working on about my trip to Europe early this year. I have never seen buildings so old. The aged stone of Edinburgh or Venice, the disturbingly mismatched architecture of London, Oslo and Berlin. Ancient blackened churches rise out of the steel, gripping defiantly to tradition. The […]