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‘What is a short story?’ Jon Bauer’s <i>Sleepers Almanac</i> and app launch speech

‘What is a short story?’ Jon Bauer’s Sleepers Almanac and app launch speech

Angela Meyer September 3, 2010 1 Comment

Last night, author Jon Bauer (Rocks in the Belly, Scribe) launched the sixth Sleepers Almanac and the new Sleepers literary app at the Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall, Melbourne. I thought his speech was wonderful, so with Jon’s kind permission, here it is for you all to read: Have you ever had that moment on a […]

Brethren is one of my favourite words (but that has nothing to do with <i>Peril</i>, my best books of 2009, Kafka’s diary, or an <i>Overland</i> blog guest post)

Brethren is one of my favourite words (but that has nothing to do with Peril, my best books of 2009, Kafka’s diary, or an Overland blog guest post)

Angela Meyer December 6, 2009 2 Comments

* This week I went to the launch of Peril, edition 8: ‘why are people so unkind’? It featured readings, and a fun, sexy performance by Ladies of Colour Agency that made me want to get up an shake it, baby. Maxine Clarke, who performed her poetry, gives a very warm of a rundown of […]

Crime, ghosts and danger

Crime, ghosts and danger

Angela Meyer August 15, 2009 6 Comments

This song has been the soundtrack to my week. It has moved all its furniture in some already-crammed hallways of my mind and played out on repeat. Particularly the piano solo. And the force of his voice when he sings so roll up and see. And now you get to read about all my schemes and adventuring, […]

Melbourne launch of the <i>Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature</i>

Melbourne launch of the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature

Angela Meyer August 8, 2009 44 Comments

The Red Rotunda at the Cowen Gallery at the State Library of Victoria is filled with silver-haired literary giants, and a young woman enters, sweaty and carrying two bags (she has walked from work). She sees a couple of familiar faces but is too intimidated to talk to them. She clasps a glass of champagne and […]

Creative flaccidity

Creative flaccidity

Angela Meyer April 4, 2009 11 Comments

It doesn’t happen often, but I’m feeling a bit that way today. And it’s frustrating. Because I only really have a few hours on the weekend to work on fiction. I tapped out about 1000 words of 90s novel, but they weren’t very inspired. They were limp and floppy. Hopefully next weekend will be better. […]

Numbers, Solitude, Cinnamon Cookies + New Voices

Numbers, Solitude, Cinnamon Cookies + New Voices

Angela Meyer March 7, 2009 10 Comments

According to my dashboard, this is my 200th post since I started this blog in May 2007. And you know what? In the past couple of years through this blog, my novel manuscripts, my short stories and thesis, and my work, I’m quite sure I have written over a million words. I mean, I probably […]

Let’s Have a Conversation

Let’s Have a Conversation

Angela Meyer February 28, 2009 16 Comments

Good-weekend lit-lovelies, Check out the crowd in the reading room! You can view some more pictures from The Death Mook launch here. This was absolutely the highlight of my week. I had to have a few wines before reading to deal with the nerves, damn them, and because there was such a big crowd! Dion and Lisa […]

The Swing, Bad Seeds, Mook Launch, and the Crunch

The Swing, Bad Seeds, Mook Launch, and the Crunch

Angela Meyer January 10, 2009 6 Comments

Getting back into the swing of things has been slow. Work has been busy, but reading and writing has slowed-up a little at the moment. ’90s novel’ is taking its time. I’m working on it a bit this weekend, but I have a few other focuses too. Working on some very cool things for the […]