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Topic: life

Verity La interview

Alec Patric has asked me a few probing questions over at Verity La. If you’re interested in me as a writer (and person), or are curious about my work, you might want to check it out.


A conversation with the self: ‘Here we go.’ ‘Of course.’ Please enter your email address Sign up ‘It’s normal, don’t worry’. ‘But this swoop in my chest!’ ‘It’s just anxiety, you’re dizzy, it’s nothing. It’s just a bit windy out.’ ‘But what of this pressure. I have no control. I can’t feel my face. Oh […]

Ehh *crunch, crunch* what’s up, doc?

So… that ‘big announcement’ I’ve been banging on about! On 15 March I start a Doctor of Creative Arts through the University of Western Sydney. I’ll be working on fiction, more than likely a novel, alongside a great deal of reading and research (which will inform the fiction). I’ll give you a brief outline of […]

Response to A.S. Patric’s ‘Questionnaire’

I was thinking about A.S. Patric’s recent post on the Overland blog all of yesterday afternoon. I thought I’d have a go at responding to his piece, just off-the-cuff. Note: the words in bold are Alec’s. Are we more disconnected? I know how late my crush goes to bed. Please enter your email address Sign up Are we […]

The inability to relax (an experiment in the confessional)

It’s not often that I feel calm. I have supernovas going off in my head, squirmy things in my muscles and fingertips. I’m sore all the time because I exercise so much. It’s one of the only ways to expend the energy, wear me down, expend the effort effort effort. And I love the zing […]

What’s Science Ever Done For Us? by Paul Halpern

9780470114605, Wiley, 2007. (Aus ebook, US, pb/Kindle) The Simpsons is written by intelligent individuals who generally come from educated backgrounds. This is evident in the subversive satirical elements of the show, but as Paul Halpern points out in What’s Science Ever Done For Us?, it also means they know a lot about ‘physics, robots, life […]

The Girl/Woman is Overwhelmed – a Poem

‘A flourish of strumpets’ is the collective noun for prostitutes,someone says across the table.Earlier she had been walkingand noticed the earth under her feetstretched all the way around in a multicoloured ballthat was bouncing aroundin the slow motion pinball machine of the Universe.A star exploded somewhereand a hundred years later she could see itbut inside […]