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Topic: literary journals
Review of <i>:etchings 9 – Love & Something</i> on <i>Cordite</i>

Review of :etchings 9 – Love & Something on Cordite

I recently reviewed issue nine of the journal :etchings for Cordite Poetry Review. The focus of the review is the issue’s poetry, as that is Cordite‘s focus, but I mention the fiction and nonfiction also. It begins: ‘Love & Something is the sub-header of :etchings 9, and the something seems to stand for the multitudinous meanings the […]

Guest review: Lisa Down on <i>Kill Your Darlings: Issue Four</i>

Guest review: Lisa Down on Kill Your Darlings: Issue Four

Kill Your Darlings: Issue Four (Aus) Ed: Rebecca Starford January 2011 reviewed by Lisa Down Call me a philistine, but I wasn’t previously familiar with the Australian quarterly Kill Your Darlings. It means I don’t have a standard by which I can judge this edition but I walked away satisfied that it had provided the […]

<i>Australian Book Review Online Edition</i> launches today

Australian Book Review Online Edition launches today

Australian Book Review, as you may well know, is a monthly magazine featuring lengthy, considered book reviews plus poetry and essays (and soon fiction). It is 50 years old this year. Today they’re launching their Online Edition, which is an enhanced version of the magazine accessible to subscribers. ABR OE can be read on any device with […]

Review of Ali Alizadeh’s <i>Iran: My Grandfather</i> up at <i>Mascara</i>

Review of Ali Alizadeh’s Iran: My Grandfather up at Mascara

My review of Ali Alizadeh’s wonderful book Iran: My Grandfather (Aus, US) has been published in Mascara Literary Review. You can read the review here. While you’re there, have a look at the poems, reviews, stories, photographs and translations in this elegant bi-annual which focuses on the work of contemporary Asian, Australian and Indigenous writers

Read and received lately

Read and received lately

Read Freedom Jonathan Franzen Fourth Estate Of course you’ve heard of it. I liked it. I appreciated it, really. It took over me a little while I was reading it. I felt really blue. The characters get inside of you, because they’re so fully-formed, and there’s much space for them. The opening reminded me of Richard […]

Guest review: Sam Cooney on <i>The Lifted Brow</i> no. 7

Guest review: Sam Cooney on The Lifted Brow no. 7

The Lifted Brow no. 7 ed. Ronnie Scott 2010 (website) Reviewed by Sam Cooney The Lifted Brow no. 7. It’s good. (Could I leave it at that? Yes.) Ronnie Scott’s short editorial is about penises, sneakers and a forgotten Halloween special. I will extract two declarations from the editorial that sum up this Brow: ‘I’ve never […]

Guest review: Raili Simojoki on <i>Janus Faces: Ampersand Magazine, Issue 2</i>

Guest review: Raili Simojoki on Janus Faces: Ampersand Magazine, Issue 2

Sydney-based arts and culture journal Ampersand Magazine sits somewhere between literary journal, art glossy, and street mag.  Eschewing cool irony, it explores notions of humanity and societal change through rare, unorthodox topics with a historical or technological bent. The publisher, Ampersand, is now the local distributor of niche artistic and literary journals like New York’s Cabinet Magazine and San Francisco’s The […]

Guest review: Elena Gomez on <i>Kill Your Darlings Issue One</i>

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Kill Your Darlings Issue One

I was really excited when Ange asked me to review the very first issue of new literary journal Kill Your Darlings, created by some hip Melbourne literary-types, edited by Affirm Press’s Rebecca Starford. Then I read its opening article: Gideon Haigh’s scathing piece on the Australian book review landscape. I got a little stage fright […]

<i>Overland 193</i>

Overland 193

Summer 2008, ed. Jeff Sparrow, 9780980534603 Another stimulating issue of a journal that dares to challenge you. By this I don’t mean just political stimulation (thought there is plenty of that there) but through non-mainstream points of observation. Overland generally gives you a variety of pieces on topics you may not have even thought of thinking about, if you know what […]

You Caught My Attention

You Caught My Attention

I enjoyed this article on ‘Late Bloomers’ in The New Yorker. Makes me feel less rushed (for a little while). Hayden Carruth is a poet who passed away recently. Here are two poems I like: ‘Agenda at 74’ and ‘Economics’. Cute, yes? Christmas is coming up. Books are great presents, especially for children. Literacy is […]