November, 2009

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How did I live without them?

, Nov 29, 2009

Just some of the treats in boxes shipped down by my ‘rents this week… (Thanks Mum & Dad! x) Missed my Marilyn collection! I am a movie buff, yes. Hello childhood! Macauley Culkin is my boyfriend. The Roald Dahl box sets were a present from Mum and Dad when I was about nine, and my sister […]
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Nick Cave, Cate Kennedy, Paul Jennings in 2009

, Nov 26, 2008

2009 will bring many delightful literary goodies. I am privileged to know of them as I wrote an article for Bookseller+Publisher entitled ‘The Ones to Watch 2009’ – it’s in the Summer issue, which has just come out. One on children’s books will be in the March ‘Junior’ issue (which I’m currently working on). I can’t reveal […]
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‘I Wanted to Talk About Being Completely Screwed Over by the Corporate Machine With a Smile on My Face’ – William Kostakis on Loathing Lola

, Oct 07, 2008

Loathing Lola, William Kostakis, Pan Macmillan, 2008, Australia, 9780330424165 You rewrote the whole book to be in first person (no mean feat!), in Courtney’s point of view. How did you come to this decision? Okay, so originally, Loathing Lola was in the third person, with three leads, Courtney, Tim and Katie. Well, four leads, if you included […]