September, 2009

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Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Christopher Currie interviews Wells Tower, part the second

, Sep 11, 2009

  Part the first of Christopher Currie’s interview with Wells Tower can be found here. Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned Wells Tower Granta, 2009 9781847080486 (Aus, US/Kindle) In other interviews, you’ve talked about your stories having a ‘moral pendulum’ swinging between characters, and the importance of putting the reader slightly off-balance at the end of a […]
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Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part seven: debuts, exquisite short fiction, the bleak outsider, and erotic celebration

, Aug 29, 2009

Friday 28/8 Debut With Style was chaired by Mr McSweeney’s, Eli Horowitz, and on the panel were Evie Wyld, Reif Larsen, Hitomi Kanehara (pictured below) and Lisa Unger. All had a different experience of ‘debuting’. Larsen had a ‘burning desire’ to write The Collected Works of TS Spivetand the publication was almost a bonus. Unger wrote […]
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It begins! Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part one: champagne, the city, Mieville’s guns, Amsterdam’s awards and Schlink’s guilt

, Aug 22, 2009

Thursday 20/8 The elevator ride up to the Text Publishing par-tay on Thursday evening was devastatingly long (I’m a semi-claustrophobe, to add to my other semi-disorders). I met up with Kathy Charles beforehand (a Text author) to discuss my launching of her book, Hollywood Ending. The champagne flowed, the conversations were half-chewed like the piece […]
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The Danger Game by Kalinda Ashton

, Jul 30, 2009

Sleepers Publishing August 2009, Australia 9781740668132 Three children – one insular, one bold, and one stubborn and growing – dare each other to undertake dangerous or humiliating tasks in the ‘danger game’. Their lives are daring enough, with an unstable father and a mother on-edge, and mature secrets inside each of their little heads. Only two of […]