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Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part five: words like triangles (a further experiment in the confessional)

August 25, 2009 8

This post is a creative, experimental mash-up of personal experience plus one of the poems Bernhard Schlink read on Sunday 23 August in RMIT Capitol Theatre, in a session called ‘Pleasure and Pain: Poetry and the Body’ at Melbourne Writers Festival. The poem is called ‘Ballad of the Outer Life’ or ‘Ballade des auBeren Lebens’, and is by […]

Crime, ghosts and danger

Crime, ghosts and danger

August 15, 2009 6

This song has been the soundtrack to my week. It has moved all its furniture in some already-crammed hallways of my mind and played out on repeat. Particularly the piano solo. And the force of his voice when he sings so roll up and see. And now you get to read about all my schemes and adventuring, […]

I’d Like to Introduce You to Two of My Favourite Poets

I’d Like to Introduce You to Two of My Favourite Poets

January 19, 2009 6

Sean M Whelan’s and Nathan Curnow’s poems are very different in both style and theme, but come from much the same place. Nathan captures the poignancy of childhood and the wonderment of parenthood, nostalgia and love in his chapbook No Other Life But This through tiny observations – an arm through a sleeve, a question, a coffee […]

‘So, How Was the National Young Writers’ Festival?’

‘So, How Was the National Young Writers’ Festival?’

October 23, 2008 5

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to NYWF this year, an annual literary alchoholic-ginger-beer-fuelled fest held in Newcastle as part of This is Not Art (TiNA). So I asked a few friends to share an experience or two of their weekend in early October. Amy Vought Barker: Our remix masterclass was great. We did cut ups […]

<i>Page Seventeen</i> Launch – November 8, 2008

Page Seventeen Launch – November 8, 2008

October 21, 2008 3

Come and see me shimmer (due to nervous shakiness) on stage, reading from my shortlisted short story ‘Mentioning Ben’ which features dinosaur bones and ghosts of marriages past… I would love to meet some of my Vic readers. And I know at least three people on my blogroll will be there if you’ve been enjoying them too! […]