April, 2009

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So what’s happening with Smoke & Dancing?

, Apr 10, 2009

I have been asked a few times lately what’s happening with this novel manuscript, as people know I’m also working on a new one. Well lit-lovelies, here’s the juice. I’m restructuring, rewriting, adding, subtracting, overhauling Smoke & Dancing this long weekend. This is the story so far, in point form (because my brain is mush after the first […]
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I’m Terribly Afraid I Might Spontaneously Combust

, Oct 19, 2008

Never have I felt this burning, scorching, bubbling of my insides so intensely before. I have previously likened the process of idea and inspiration for a story as being like a ‘brew’. The ingredients begin to react together inside your mind and pop and spit until it spills over onto the page as a draft. But this time… I […]