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Peter Goldsworthy on <i>Gravel</i>

Peter Goldsworthy on Gravel

Angela Meyer March 9, 2010 1 Comment

Gravel Peter Goldsworthy Hamish Hamilton March 2010 (Australia) 9781926428192 Gravel is Peter Goldsworthy’s new collection of short stories – amusing and moving – covering a range of predominantly white middle-class characters in conflict with their own egos. But there are also stories exploring erotic awakening (something Goldsworthy did well in Everything I Knew) and others where […]

Guest review: Tom Conyers on <i>Readings and Writings: Forty Years in Books</i>

Guest review: Tom Conyers on Readings and Writings: Forty Years in Books

Angela Meyer September 25, 2009 2 Comments

Jason Cotter and Michael Williams (eds) 2009 9781740668217 With Readings and Writings: Forty Years in Books, there doesn’t appear to have been an overriding theme or subject limitation placed on the contributors. Instead, the writers involved, who have all had supportive associations with Readings Books & Music (Melbourne) over the years, are given free reign. […]

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part eight: why Australian literature?

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 diary part eight: why Australian literature?

Angela Meyer August 31, 2009 10 Comments

Instead of doing this session by session (as the last two days are a blur) I’ll just write it as it comes out. * First of all, Why Australian Literature? looked at our national literature and it’s current ‘crisis’, that of globalisation and the possible ‘swamping’ of other voices and literatures. The panel featured Peter […]

Peter Goldsworthy’s <i>Everything I Knew</i>

Peter Goldsworthy’s Everything I Knew

Angela Meyer July 14, 2009 10 Comments

Penguin Aus ISBN 9780143009634 (paperback, August 2009) It’s 1964 in small-town South Australia and Robert Burns (like the poet) is on the cusp of adolescence. ‘Happiness is a default state’, he narrates, looking back. Reading it, no matter when or where you grew up, one can relate to that simplicity, the time before ‘adult’ aspects of […]

Round ’em Up

Round ’em Up

Angela Meyer February 7, 2009 3 Comments

A wealth of literary-minded titbits (yes, that is the proper Australian spelling) to share with you this week: * Only one week until Writers at the Convent. I don’t have a lot of dough at the moment (read: broke) but I can’t miss the Australian Fiction session at 8pm on the Saturday. It’ll be my […]