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Topic: raunch culture
Guest review: Sam Cooney on Clinton Caward’s <i>Love Machine</i>

Guest review: Sam Cooney on Clinton Caward’s Love Machine

Love Machine Clinton Caward Hamish Hamilton (Penguin) February 2010, Australia 9781926428024 Reviewed by Sam Cooney. I first encountered Clinton Caward’s writing last year in the lit journal Cutwater; his two short stories punched me in the gut with their corrosive and compelling strength, and the accompanying author interview struck some chords. (Indeed, I said so […]

<i>Female Chauvinist Pigs</i> by Ariel Levy

Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy

What happened to feminism? Ariel Levy asks. Her book explores how a predominant culture of ‘surfaces’ has produced women who admire ‘sexiness’ without necessarily being sexual. What happened to pleasure?The interviews Levy presents and the sub-cultures (eg. ‘Girls Gone Wild’) she immerses herself in are disturbing, in that most of these women feel lost and […]