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Topic: responsive interview

Tom Cho: a ‘responsive’ interview

Tom Cho’s surprising, funny, sexy, postmodern short story collection Look Who’s Morphing is out now with Giramondo, ISBN: 9781920882549. Prompts: LiteraryMinded Answers: Tom Cho Please enter your email address Sign up Auntie Ling Of the many impulses that the act of reading evokes, there are two that are especially irresistible. These are: 1) equating a text’s […]

Steven Amsterdam – a ‘responsive’ interview

Read the LiteraryMinded review of Steven Amsterdam’s Things We Didn’t See Coming, Sleepers Publishing, 9781740667012, 2009 (Aus, US) Prompts – LiteraryMinded. Responses – Steven Amsterdam. Please enter your email address Sign up Beginnings I was inspired by a few loose pieces in the news, from life, the partisan splay of the 2004 election in the […]

Josephine Rowe, a ‘responsive’ interview

LM ~ My first notes after I read East of Here, Close to Water – unedited: ‘You. He. She. Please enter your email address Sign up All the characters so close to memories – sensitive to the way they press upon the present. Glimpses of a moment, rich – here and there. Empathy for a person […]

Nam Le – a ‘responsive’ interview

The Boat, Nam Le, 2008, Penguin – Hamish Hamilton (Aus, US), 9780241015414 Sentences – LiteraryMinded Please enter your email address Sign up Responses – Nam Le * The terminal point, point of contemplation. The idea of terminus is critical to narrative: what (and where) is the point that occasions the narrative?  What needs finishing in order […]