November, 2009

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, Nov 08, 2009

Number of items on to-do list: Nine. Not too bad. The next five books I’m planning to read in no particular order: Jasper Jones (Craig Silvey), Siren (Tara Moss), Parrot & Olivier in America (Peter Carey), The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (J Randy Taraborrelli), The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood). Time I got […]
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Recent awards shortlists, book launches galore, and some mid-week links

, Aug 12, 2009

* Awards galore this week! You’ve probably seen them already, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in on a couple of recent shortlists (click through to reviews/interviews/mentions previously featured on LM). The Age Book of the Year shortlist is out. Readings has reported it. I’ve read three of the fiction, but unfortunately none of the poetry or […]
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A callout of sorts, plus some killing, space and Eggers

, Aug 02, 2009

Hello litnibblets, Exciting things are afoot. Book launches, Melbourne Writers Festival, my first spoken word poetry gig, an illustrated short story zine project, and in a few months, National Young Writers Festival and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (I’m doing panels at both). How did you like Sam Cooney’s guest review? I’m looking to do […]
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, Jul 01, 2009

… for five days. A short break. May or may not blog, so here are some links to keep you busy. If you miss me too much, follow my adventures on Twitter, I’ll try and tweet a little something each day. (I’ll miss you bigger!) * First of all, if you read anything today, or […]
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Chilled-out Sunday round-up

, Jun 21, 2009

It’s another Tequila sunrise… (For Ken & Teela, the Dude, Brian Wilson bartender, and especially Owen… ) * Check this out. One-eighth Vulture is an online writing mag publishing, promoting and linking writers in two of the UNESCO cities of literature – Melbourne and Edinburgh (my two favourite cities!) The site is very new at the […]

Feeling a little drawn…

, May 10, 2009

N.B. I chose a British accent simply because the Australian one could not pronounce some of the words. And cheers to Overland and Meanjin for bringing this site to my attention. Now, to some links for the week… Happy Mother’s Day! My Mum is amazing and I love her to bits, but for something humorous […]

Off to Adelaide

, Mar 13, 2009

As many of you know, I’m off to participate in the Academy of DIY as part of the Format Festival in Adelaide this weekend. I’m flying off after work today, and I may not get a chance to blog (not back until Sunday night and I don’t have a laptop, how old-school!). Also, my phone […]
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I’ve Joined the Twits, the Dead (or Undead) and More Festivals!

, Feb 21, 2009

I’m spending my Saturday making bookmarks for the blog to give out at the Format Festival next month (as it’s a DIY festival, I thought crafty-collage-style bookmarks would be apt). They’ll be on different colour cardboards with words, little images I like, and gel-pen artwork! It’s so much fun – I haven’t done craft for […]
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Round ’em Up

, Feb 07, 2009

A wealth of literary-minded titbits (yes, that is the proper Australian spelling) to share with you this week: * Only one week until Writers at the Convent. I don’t have a lot of dough at the moment (read: broke) but I can’t miss the Australian Fiction session at 8pm on the Saturday. It’ll be my […]
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Smells, Snugglepot, Springsteen Vibes, Sleepers and Stuff

, Jan 18, 2009

Ah, to write. To do it for the joy alone. I am addicted to creating and recording. I am also addicted to discovery. How does that writer do it? How did they come up with that? How did they capture just how that feels, or what it would feel like, or how it would feel to be […]