June, 2009

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Making sense of the surrounding chaos: Sarah Manguso on The Two Kinds of Decay

, Jun 04, 2009

Not only was Sarah Manguso’s body completely weakened by a rare neurological disease (where the antibodies in her own blood would poison her), but she dealt with other levels of illness, such as the effect of strong drugs she had to take, and deep depression. But everything I tried to write about The Two Kinds […]
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Peace, EWF & ‘Helloooo, my name is Number One…’

, Apr 25, 2009

First of all, happy ANZAC Day. It’s great to take some time to think about the young soldiers who have been sacrificed for our country, andĀ the sadness of war – conflict, power, greed. I know that books and films have been beneficial to my knowledge and understanding of war, and of nationalism, patriotism (theĀ genuine, the […]