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Topic: short stories

Guest review: Rachel Edwards on Bearings by Leah Swann

Affirm Press, 9780980790429 (Aus) Reviewed by Rachel Edwards Australia has seen an increase in the publishing, and the recognition of, short stories and their authors over the last few years. Cate Kennedy and Nam Le set the bar high, and Affirm Press are presenting reading audiences with some refined new voices through their innovative publishing of the […]

Spineless Wonders: new publisher of Australian short fiction

Spineless Wonders is a new publishing company, founded by Bronwyn Mehan, which specialises in short fiction from Australian writers in any genre and in print, digital and audio formats. Their publications will include single author collections and novellas, an annual anthology published in conjunction with a national writing competition as well as special collections focusing […]

Short story ‘Instinct’ published on Verity La

Just a quick note to let you know that a short story of mine, ‘Instinct’, has been published over on Verity La. It’s an odd little piece about a young animal-loving guy (also animal-like himself) who is dissatisfied with his job and life. I hope you enjoy it. You can find some of my other […]

Some of my short stories available as ebooks

I decided to extend the life of some of my short stories that have been published in journals/magazines over the last few years, by publishing them digitally. It’s a bit of a (fairly safe) experiment in self-publishing and the world of ebooks. I’m loving reading on my Kobo eReader, and I’ve made these stories available […]

Guest review: Lisa Down on Kill Your Darlings: Issue Four

Kill Your Darlings: Issue Four (Aus) Ed: Rebecca Starford January 2011 reviewed by Lisa Down Call me a philistine, but I wasn’t previously familiar with the Australian quarterly Kill Your Darlings. It means I don’t have a standard by which I can judge this edition but I walked away satisfied that it had provided the […]

Guest review: Matthia Dempsey on What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us by Laura van den Berg

Scribe Publications, February 2011 (Aus, US, UK) 9781921640896 Reviewed by Matthia Dempsey Laura van den Berg has particular skill in capturing the strangeness that can come at times—the sense of being a stranger to your own life and the world. For many of the women in her stories this feeling is the result of a […]

Guest review: Elizabeth Bryer on Wayne Macauley’s Other Stories

Black Pepper November 2010 9781876044664 (Aus) Reviewed by Elizabeth Bryer Other Stories brings together Melbourne-based Wayne Macauley’s output over the past decade and counting. The collection is filled with ‘other’ stories—tales that are other, or outside the mainstream, in a double sense. They are other in subject, given that they are stories that trace the […]

‘You Will Notice That Hallways Are Painted’ in Torpedo Greatest Hits

Torpedo Greatest Hits ed. Chris Flynn Hunter Publishers 9780980517989 (Aus) A few months ago this collection was released with my story ‘You Will Notice That Hallways Are Painted’, along with stories by Steven Amsterdam, Mandy Ord, Jon Bauer, Krissy Kneen, Toby Litt, Ruby Murray, Josephine Rowe and even Richard Brautigan. The story was written in […]

Guest review: Genevieve Tucker on Colm Tóibín’s The Empty Family

Picador November 2010 9781405040235 (Aus, US, UK) Reviewed by Genevieve Tucker Much has been made around the traps of the fact that Colm Tóibín published a story in his last collection that used the word empty (and words deriving from it) fourteen times, though no one has bothered to acknowledge that the story in question was […]

Read and received lately

Read Freedom Jonathan Franzen Fourth Estate Of course you’ve heard of it. I liked it. I appreciated it, really. It took over me a little while I was reading it. I felt really blue. The characters get inside of you, because they’re so fully-formed, and there’s much space for them. The opening reminded me of Richard […]