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Topic: Sleepers Almanac

‘What is a short story?’ Jon Bauer’s Sleepers Almanac and app launch speech

Last night, author Jon Bauer (Rocks in the Belly, Scribe) launched the sixth Sleepers Almanac and the new Sleepers literary app at the Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall, Melbourne. I thought his speech was wonderful, so with Jon’s kind permission, here it is for you all to read: Have you ever had that moment on a […]

Strike a pose

Some stuff in my week: * A photo shoot for Emerging Writers’ Festival promo material with freelance/TV/ comedy writer Mia Timpano (I love this article of hers, have a look around her website while you’re there); librarian/comedian Josh Earl; games writer (and writer in various other mediums) Paul Callaghan; and comedian Xavier Michelides. We had to ‘pretend […]

I Do it For Love

Let me start out by saying I have a terrible headache, but I blog because I love you. Happy Valentines Day, readers. I hope you didn’t get too commercial. I hope you wrote a heartfelt poem or song, no matter how shoddy. I spent the day with Charles Darwin, but more on that later in […]