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Topic: small press
<i>This Too Shall Pass</i> by SJ Finn

This Too Shall Pass by SJ Finn

This review first appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald: Spectrum on the weekend of February 26-27. Sleepers Publishing 9781742700380 March 2011 (Aus) Jen Montgomery, known as ‘Monty’, had always considered herself a ‘forever’ person, until years into her marriage when something shifted. Monty began a relationship with another woman. This Too Shall Pass not only reflects on […]

Guest review: Elizabeth Bryer on Wayne Macauley’s <i>Other Stories</i>

Guest review: Elizabeth Bryer on Wayne Macauley’s Other Stories

Black Pepper November 2010 9781876044664 (Aus) Reviewed by Elizabeth Bryer Other Stories brings together Melbourne-based Wayne Macauley’s output over the past decade and counting. The collection is filled with ‘other’ stories—tales that are other, or outside the mainstream, in a double sense. They are other in subject, given that they are stories that trace the […]

Some notes on the ‘new world’ of publishing

Some notes on the ‘new world’ of publishing

On the weekend I was a guest of the Write Around the Murray Festival in Albury. Besides giving a blogging/social media workshop, I was on a panel called The New World of Publishing alongside author Cate Kennedy, zinester Anna Poletti, self-published memoirist Melinda Marengo, and Barry Dorr and Jo Costello from JoJo Publishing. I thought I’d […]

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Mic Looby’s <i>Paradise Updated</i>

Guest review: Elena Gomez on Mic Looby’s Paradise Updated

9780980374667 September 2009 (Aus/ Kindle) Affirm Press If you didn’t already know that Mic Looby was once a Lonely Planet writer and editor, it’s not difficult to guess, reading his debut novel, Paradise Updated. In it, the satirically named ‘SmallWorld’ publishers dominate the guidebook industry and the bloke who made them what they are today, legendary […]

Give Me Some <i>Lip</i>

Give Me Some Lip

Lip Issue 16 has arrived in my mailbox. In this issue I have a piece titled ‘Virtual Projections: How We Construct Ourselves Online’. As it’s a magazine for young women, I spoke to girls and women in virtual environments – MySpace and Facebook – but its also about my own experiences in those spaces and through […]

<i>Uncorrected Proof</i> by Louisiana Alba

Uncorrected Proof by Louisiana Alba

ElephantEars Press, 9780955867606, 2008, UK (Aus, US) Can something be playfully and overtly postmodern and still be readable – driving you through a compelling plot? Louisiana Alba proves it can be done. Uncorrected Proof is a postmodern novel that entertainingly riffs on form, style, character, tense, person – but with an overall thriller/quest type plot […]

<i>Late Connections</i> by Aileen La Tourette

Late Connections by Aileen La Tourette

2008, Ilura Press, 978921325052 It’s a shame to read a story that feels as though it has been wrestled into the wrong medium. Aileen La Tourette’s Late Connections might have made a good dramatic play with its style, overt exposition, and historical setting. We begin in Paris, where seamstress Annie Doulard works on the dress […]

Harvest #1 and Voiceworks #73: Carnivale – Journal Review

Harvest #1 and Voiceworks #73: Carnivale – Journal Review

A loud established journal and a studious newbie are both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating. Voiceworks #73 is themed Carnivale and even more-so than previous issues revels in quality quirk as well as showcasing the colourful talents and opinions of Australian youth. In contrast to the oft blunt-ended pieces in Voiceworks, the first issue of […]

<i>Stick This in Your Memory Hole</i> by Tristan Clark

Stick This in Your Memory Hole by Tristan Clark

Aduki, November 07, 9780980335125 (Aus, US) There are many ways of endearing people to your worldview. A carefully reasoned argument set out in engaging prose, or an impassioned cry for justice related to your own experiences, perhaps. Another way would be slamming them violently and repeatedly with your no-holds-barred attack on all things current, to […]

Dark Roots – an interview with Cate Kennedy

Dark Roots – an interview with Cate Kennedy

This interview is now to be published in Southerly Vol. 68, No. 3. I am temporarily removing it from the blog as I highly encourage you to purchase a copy of this respected literary journal (Australia’s oldest), and support small press and Australian literature. This issue will be celebrating the short fiction genre. It’ll be […]