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Topic: Tabitha Suzuma
Tabitha Suzuma – Interview

Tabitha Suzuma – Interview

I recently reviewed Tabitha Suzuma’s young adult novel A Note of Madness for the journal Viewpoint. I thought I would ask Tabitha a few questions about the themes of depression in the novel and her own journey as a writer. Enjoy.   What inspired you to make the characters music students in A Note of […]

<i>A Note of Madness</i> – Tabitha Suzuma

A Note of Madness – Tabitha Suzuma

2006, Random House, 978009948731 (US, Aus) First published in Viewpoint, vol. 15, no. 2, Winter 2007 Flynn attends the Royal College of Music in London. He has a close relationship with his friends Harry and Jennah. His Professors believe strongly in his potential. So why is he beginning to doubt it? Flynn starts ‘going underground’, […]