June, 2009

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Big fat round-up post + May haiku comp winners

, Jun 07, 2009

Hey gang. Are you cool? Be cool. Only got about a quarter of the response to this month’s haiku comp – doh! The them was ‘the richness of the internet’. Thinking I might have to do it only every two months, or perhaps the topic was hard? Nonetheless, there were a few good’uns. The winner […]
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Peace, EWF & ‘Helloooo, my name is Number One…’

, Apr 25, 2009

First of all, happy ANZAC Day. It’s great to take some time to think about the young soldiers who have been sacrificed for our country, and the sadness of war – conflict, power, greed. I know that books and films have been beneficial to my knowledge and understanding of war, and of nationalism, patriotism (the genuine, the […]
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I’ve Joined the Twits, the Dead (or Undead) and More Festivals!

, Feb 21, 2009

I’m spending my Saturday making bookmarks for the blog to give out at the Format Festival next month (as it’s a DIY festival, I thought crafty-collage-style bookmarks would be apt). They’ll be on different colour cardboards with words, little images I like, and gel-pen artwork! It’s so much fun – I haven’t done craft for […]
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Smells, Snugglepot, Springsteen Vibes, Sleepers and Stuff

, Jan 18, 2009

Ah, to write. To do it for the joy alone. I am addicted to creating and recording. I am also addicted to discovery. How does that writer do it? How did they come up with that? How did they capture just how that feels, or what it would feel like, or how it would feel to be […]