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Topic: Toni Jordan

A mini-diary of Perth Writers Festival 2011

Thursday On the flight over I read Jonah Lehrer, watch Animal Planet and listen to Philip Glass and Emily Haines. Nathan Scolaro picks me up at the airport and on the drive we discuss some of the festival authors. Nathan asks if I’ve read Armistead Maupin and I say, unfortunately, no. He loves Tales Of […]

The LiteraryMinded Couch, Episode One: Uhh, Fail Vlog

I’ve been meaning to add video content to LiteraryMinded for yonks! I’ve interviewed authors on stage, I’ve read my own work aloud, I can write about books – but speaking alone into a camera is an entirely different kettle of fish… Please enter your email address Sign up

The Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2010

I attended the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards last night. I drank a lot of red wine, Casey Bennetto sang, awards were given, people got emotional, Peter Temple was hilarious, there was a dessert buffet, and Penguin CEO Gabrielle Coyne and I had a conversation about Michael Jackson. The Wheeler Centre, administering the awards for the first […]

Guest review: Sam Cooney on The Big Issue no. 359: Toasty Tales fiction special

The Big Issue no. 359: Toasty Tales fiction special Available now from street vendors, launched Wednesday 21 July at Readings Carlton Reviewed by Sam Cooney For me, The Big Issue is like a tub of Neapolitan ice-cream. It’s reliable. It’s unpretentious and doesn’t pretend to be anything except exactly what it is. You buy it every […]

Sexy romance + serious issues: Toni Jordan on Addition

Addition (Text, Aus/Polebridge, US) is a sexy, smart, funny and totally refreshing read. It’s the story of numerical-obsessive Grace, and her unique navigation of life. When Grace meets Seamus, her lifestyle comes into question – the counting, the obsession with dead mathematician Nicola Tesla, the careful structures of her daily life. Can she fall messily […]

The silver set and the beautiful people

(Yes, I’ve changed the format of my titles, it’s not a boo-boo). I attended the Summer Read Awards at the State Library yesterday afternoon (winner I am Melba, Ann Blainey), and was still surprised (but shouldn’t be) to hear that most of the voters were of the silver set – and voted by snail mail […]