January, 2010

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Brows will be lifted…

, Jan 21, 2010

* New short story of mine in The Lifted Brow 6: Atlas, being launched this Friday! My story ‘Obsolescence’ is a bit of a dark, modern fable set in Bergen, Norway, where my relatives are from. The issue is going to be awesome, with a piece of writing about every country in the world (not […]
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Stu Hatton’s Literary Space – Emerging Writers’ Festival Special #3

, May 05, 2009

Stu Hatton says… Where do I write? Pretty much everywhere. Quite often I’ll be sitting in the study in our apartment. Desk, computer, chaotic piles of paper, the to-do list that never gets done. This is where ‘serious’ writing and editing happens. But I try to get away from the computer as much as I […]
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Stephanie Convery’s Literary Space – Emerging Writers’ Festival special #2

, Apr 28, 2009

Stephanie Convery says… The picture you see of my study was taken standing at the window looking in. It’s on the detached side of a semi-detached terrace, and the window looks out onto a fence, a gate, a tiny path, a garden bed full of succulents and a lot of sky. It lets in the […]
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Kirk Marshall’s Literary Space – Emerging Writers’ Festival special #1

, Apr 21, 2009

Kirk Marshall says… For my part – and in this forum for intimate, writerly expression – I’ve got to openly submit here to conceding that for the longest time I’ve resented the contention that a tactile, geographical environment impacts on the quality of an author’s work. I do, however, freely and cordially embrace the notion […]
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Charlotte Wood’s Literary Space

, Apr 06, 2009

Charlotte Wood, author of The Children says… My writing room is a small room above a shed separate from our house in Marrickville, Sydney (I’m told the shed bit downstairs was once a stable; all I can say is that it must have been a very tiny horse). You can see the iron stair rail […]
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Literary Space – Paul Morgan

, Jan 14, 2009

Paul Morgan, author of Turner’s Paintbox, The Pelagius Book and The Art of Richard Hughes says: I have no writing room. In fact, I rarely work in the house. I feel too vulnerable to distraction there, knowing that at any moment the phone could ring or someone might knock on the door and my ‘zone’ […]
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Literary Space – Damon Young

, Dec 18, 2008

  Damon Young, author of Distraction, says: My study is actually one corner of our lounge. The room’s also an office for my wife Ruth, entertaining wing, tearoom, and playroom for my three-year-old-son, Nikos. It’s part writerly den, part Lego wonderland. When our new baby’s born, it’ll also be a nursery. And, yes, the pram […]