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Topic: YA
Guest review: Jordi Kerr on <i>Forgotten</i> by Cat Patrick

Guest review: Jordi Kerr on Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Hardie Grant, 9781921690624, June 2011 (Aus) See also UK, US London Lane can remember the future, but not the past. This is the simple yet compelling basis for Cat Patrick’s debut YA novel, Forgotten. Each morning at 4:33am London’s memory is reset, erasing all events from the previous day. London relies on her knowledge of […]

Guest review: Lyndon Riggall on Kelly Link’s <i>The Wrong Grave</i>

Guest review: Lyndon Riggall on Kelly Link’s The Wrong Grave

The Wrong Grave Kelly Link Text 9781921520730 (Aus) Reviewed by Lyndon Riggall It took me a little while to work out exactly what The Wrong Grave was. A book of short stories, yes. But why these stories, and why in this order? You see, some of the tales featured here appear in her book Pretty Monsters and others […]

A ‘responsive’ interview with Kirsten Reed, author of <i>The Ice Age</i>

A ‘responsive’ interview with Kirsten Reed, author of The Ice Age

The Ice Age Kirsten Reed Text, 2009 9781921520747 (Aus, US/Kindle) Prompts: LiteraryMinded Responses: Kirsten Reed One of your own ‘on the road’ experiences… I was seventeen, hitching a short distance (about forty miles; this was a leg of my journey for which there was no connecting bus). The sun was about to set, and I […]

<i>Everything Beautiful</i> by Simmone Howell

Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell

Pan, 9780330424639 (Aus, US) Riley Rose hasn’t cried since the death of her mother. This plus-sized, take-no-shit, gorgeous, rebellious character is sent to a Christian camp by her father and his dull girlfriend for acting out. But Riley’s drug, sex and rock & roll ‘tude isn’t going to be tamed by a bunch of commandments and Jesus […]