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Topic: young adult
Guest review: Jordi Kerr on <i>Forgotten</i> by Cat Patrick

Guest review: Jordi Kerr on Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Hardie Grant, 9781921690624, June 2011 (Aus) See also UK, US London Lane can remember the future, but not the past. This is the simple yet compelling basis for Cat Patrick’s debut YA novel, Forgotten. Each morning at 4:33am London’s memory is reset, erasing all events from the previous day. London relies on her knowledge of […]

A ‘responsive’ interview with Kirsten Reed, author of <i>The Ice Age</i>

A ‘responsive’ interview with Kirsten Reed, author of The Ice Age

The Ice Age Kirsten Reed Text, 2009 9781921520747 (Aus, US/Kindle) Prompts: LiteraryMinded Responses: Kirsten Reed One of your own ‘on the road’ experiences… I was seventeen, hitching a short distance (about forty miles; this was a leg of my journey for which there was no connecting bus). The sun was about to set, and I […]

<i>Everything Beautiful</i> by Simmone Howell

Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell

Pan, 9780330424639 (Aus, US) Riley Rose hasn’t cried since the death of her mother. This plus-sized, take-no-shit, gorgeous, rebellious character is sent to a Christian camp by her father and his dull girlfriend for acting out. But Riley’s drug, sex and rock & roll ‘tude isn’t going to be tamed by a bunch of commandments and Jesus […]

<i>Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You</i> by Peter Cameron

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron

Scribe, 2007, 9781921372148 (Aus, US) James is eighteen, works at his mother’s gallery in New York, and is trying to worm his way out of going to Brown in the fall. Why? He prefers the idea of buying a nice old house out in a ‘quiet’ state, and not being around other people his own […]

Two <i>Hamlet</i>s

Two Hamlets

Hamlet: A Novel, John Marsden, Text, 9781921351471, 2008 (Australia) + Hamlet (film), directed by Kenneth Branagh, 1996. John Marsden has always had a distinct ability to grasp and express adolescent experience. His Hamlet: a Novel is highly accessible for an audience familiar with heightened perceptions of desire, deception, unfairness, traps, loneliness, defiance, and existential angst. If you are familiar […]

Stylish Book Trailer

Stylish Book Trailer

… for young adult novel Gone, by Michael Grant, who wrote the ‘Animorphs’ series. This is the first good book trailer I’ve seen. A development in the literary world I’m keeping an eye on. Obviously, it has a budget. But the concept is still quite simple. It has definitely got me intrigued. I also read the […]

Give Me Some <i>Lip</i>

Give Me Some Lip

Lip Issue 16 has arrived in my mailbox. In this issue I have a piece titled ‘Virtual Projections: How We Construct Ourselves Online’. As it’s a magazine for young women, I spoke to girls and women in virtual environments – MySpace and Facebook – but its also about my own experiences in those spaces and through […]

The Best Unpublished Books – Part Two

The Best Unpublished Books – Part Two

The Ice Age – Kirsten Reed I think, if I’d read this book between the ages of 14-17, it would be my favourite book. Not that it only has young adult appeal. I still found that the laid-back protagonist, who doesn’t seem particularly fazed most of the time to be on the road with a […]

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor – Jaclyn Moriarty

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor – Jaclyn Moriarty

Macmillan, September 2007, 9780330423489 (Young Adult) (Review first published in Viewpoint, vol. 15, no. 4, Summer 2007) The Zing family have a secret. Every Friday night they meet in the garden shed to discuss it. Listen Taylor’s Dad has just moved in with Marbie Zing. Listen wonders if it might be the secret of happy […]

Tabitha Suzuma – Interview

Tabitha Suzuma – Interview

I recently reviewed Tabitha Suzuma’s young adult novel A Note of Madness for the journal Viewpoint. I thought I would ask Tabitha a few questions about the themes of depression in the novel and her own journey as a writer. Enjoy.   What inspired you to make the characters music students in A Note of […]