March, 2012

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Guest Post — ‘Returns to’ Goosebumps: a children’s introduction to horror

, Mar 02, 2012

Guest Post by Benjamin Solah  My introduction to haunted houses, monsters and scary stories is credited to R.L. Stine and his Goosebumps series. One of my first memories of being excited by books was the pile of colourful novels with titles in dripping blood that sat stacked on my school desk in primary school. In […]
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J. K. Rowling, Stephen Colbert and the story of two topsy turvy publishing announcements

, Feb 24, 2012

Well, we appear to be in a strange looking-glass world this week with political satirist Stephen Colbert to publish a children’s book and acclaimed children’s author J. K. Rowling today announcing she will be releasing a novel for adults. Personally, I’m looking forward to both. Colbert’s book, I Am a Pole (And So Can You!) […]
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Guest Post — Swept Away

, Feb 10, 2012

Guest Post by Andrew Stafford In a new post for the ‘Returns to’ series, Andrew Stafford isn’t crying a river for the loss of his children’s books. I LOST my children’s books in the Queensland floods. The story of how that happened is banal enough. They had not left my mother’s home since I left […]
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Returns to… Roald Dahl’s Matilda

, Jan 14, 2012

“‘Tell me one that you liked.’ ‘I liked The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,’ Matilda said. ‘I think Mr C. S. Lewis is a very good writer. But he has one failing. There are no funny bits in his books.’ ‘You are right there,’ Miss Honey said. ‘There aren’t many funny bits in Mr […]
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Returns to… in which we return to our favourite childhood books

, Jan 13, 2012

‘All grownups started off as children (though few of them remember).’ – The Little Prince. When I co-edited antiTHESIS journal early last year, we were lucky enough to have an image contributed by Shaun Tan. This was before he had won his Oscar, before his illustration had graced the cover of Overland, and at that time […]