October, 2013

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NYWF series: an interview with Nadia Saccardo

, Oct 04, 2013

“Smith Journal was really conceived as a place to kind of pull out stories that get lost between the internet and other print media or don’t get the attention they deserve, so it could be an old dude building boats or it could be a robot worker, or something like that. But it’s really our […]
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NYWF series: an interview with Alice Bell

, Sep 30, 2013

Ahead of her appearances at the National Young Writers’ Festival, I spoke with Alice Bell about screenwriting, The Slap, and her unusual career niche.
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NYWF series: an interview with Adam Liaw

, Sep 23, 2013

Ahead of his appearances at the National Young Writers' Festival, I spoke with Adam Liaw about food writing, having a public profile, and the tendency towards cliche in food journalism
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Melbourne Writers Festival 2013 program launch: an interview with Director Lisa Dempster

, Jul 18, 2013

Before the full launch of the 2013 MWF program, I spoke with the festival director Lisa Dempster on the writers chosen for inclusion in this year's line up.
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Emerging Writers’ Festival 2013: an interview with Director Sam Twyford-Moore

, May 17, 2013

Beginning as a one-day zine fair in 2004, the Emerging Writers Festival has expanded to ten days of events, workshops, panel discussions and gala nights, as well as digital events using the #ewf13 hashtag — and it all begins next week! I’m very excited to be a part of two events this year: hosting a masterclass […]
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Sydney Writers’ Festival 2013 program highlights

, Apr 12, 2013

The full Sydney Writers’ Festival program has just been released and new Director Jemma Birrell has curated a wonderful line up. As well as showcasing our incredible Australian writers and authors, I’m particularly excited about the international guests coming out — such as Diego Marani, Anis Mojgani, Naomi Wolf, James Wood, Karl Ove Knausgaard, even […]
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Marked in ink: the Younger Young Writers’ Program

, Oct 03, 2012

This interview is cross-posted from NYWF where I’m one of the official bloggers this year. When I walk into the launch of the Younger Young Writers’ Journal on the final night of NYWF, the young writers are covered in blue paint, faint blue marks smudged on their cheeks from journals recently printed, the ink not yet […]
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An interview with Christian Lander from Stuff White People Like

, Oct 01, 2012

This interview is cross-posted from NYWF where I’m one of the official bloggers this year. It’s easy to doubt yourself when writing to Christian Lander. But it’s only after I send him my interview questions that I realise they’re written in Helvetica and that I’ve just potentially marked myself as hopelessly ‘white person’ too. Lander has […]
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eBooks and serendipity machines: an interview with Connor Tomas O’Brien

, Sep 27, 2012

This interview is cross-posted from NYWF where I’m one of the official bloggers this year. There’s a small link at the top of Bkclb’s Infinite Book project which directs to the Wikipedia entry on Borges’ The Book of Sand – a typically curious Borges tale about a book of all books that is ‘exactly infinite’: possessing […]
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‘Writing, making, drinking, thinking’: Interview with NYWF co-director Pip Smith.

, Sep 19, 2012

I asked co-director Pip Smith a few questions about the program and what we can expect at this year’s festival.