Re-elected Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher has settled an agreement with the other Labor Ministers and Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury since the October election, reports student journalist, Jessica Frecklington.

During the election Gallagher was proactive in trying to push forward with her promises to improve ACT’s health services.


Before being re-elected Gallagher made the promise, “ACT Labor Government will provide another $15 Million to further improve access to outpatient services, imaging and chronic pain care… and will add more than 170 more beds over the next four years employing 500 more nurses, doctors and health professionals.”

“That is the issue in health, I mean, everyone wants more services, more beds open or operating theatres, more elective surgery done, but you have to do it gradually, but there simply aren’t 500 nurses that you can snap your fingers today and have employed in the health system. ”

Continuing on her campaign promise, Gallagher has divvied up the Health funding  and spread it across the board trying to improve ACT health services, such as Imaging services and elective surgeries.

Policy Costings







General Outpatient Growth

$0.988 million

$2.243 m


$3.260 m


$3.792 m


$10.283 m


Paediatric Opthamology

$0.751 m


$0.772 m


$0.793 m


$2.316 m


Chronic Pain Service

$0.499 m


$0.513 m


$0.527 m


$1.539 m


Imaging Services

$0.294 m


$0.302 m


$0.581 m


$1.177 m



$0.988 m

$3.787 m


$4.847 m


$5.693 m


$15.315 m

“If re-elected, ACT Labor will invest $80 million to meet the growing demand for elective surgery, and will also make available $2 million in ‘reward’ funding for hospitals that meet their targets ahead of schedule,” Gallagher says.

ACT Labor meeting the increased demand for health care via elective surgeries







Elective Surgery & Reward Funding 

$7.50 million

$16.00 m

$25.00 m

$35.00 m

$83.50 m

Gallagher has made a raft of promises to improve on the health system by delivering a complex eye surgery service, an adult mental health unit, and an upgrade to the nurse led walk-in centres.

Vowing  to spend an extensive amount on upgrading Canberra’s health facilities, some are left wondering  where all the money is coming from to pay for these projects.

With Gallagher already delivering on some of her health commitments, like the Centenary Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the plans for new community health care centres in Gungahlin and Tuggeranong, will she be able to push forward with some her priorities of delivering a birth centre at Calvary Public Hospital, a Mental Health unit and a Canberra Regional Cancer Centre.


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