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“I’m a foster kid, I’m different”: growing up in care

November 13, 2012

A look at foster care policy in the ACT by student journalists Alison Dance and Charlotte King.

How about the minor parties?

November 13, 2012 1

At the ACT's October poll, the three largest parties picked up almost 90% votes of total votes between them. However, the election was not all doom and gloom for minor parties, with some exceeding expectations and picking up a substantial number of votes. NextACT student journalists Corey Hammond, Matt Mitchell and Sarah Bannerman followed some of the smaller parties throughout the election campaign and put together an election wrap analysing their performances. In this piece they speak with Australian Motorist Party Candidate Chic Henry, and Bullet Train for Canberra candidate Tim Bohm.

A surprise result

October 22, 2012

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps kept themselves busy on election day. After grabbing democracy sausages at a primary school voting booth they chatted to Canberrans, and then hit the tally room and the major parties' parties to interview candidates such as Zed Seselja and Shane Rattenbury. Here is their analysis of the election result as it stands on Monday morning, and the state of negotiations between the three parties.

Planning in Tuggeranong

October 19, 2012

Student journalists Matthew Chown and Jessica Frecklington look at the future of planning and development in Tuggeranong.

The active future of public transport

October 18, 2012

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps examine active transport policies in the lead up to the ACT election.

Transporting Gungahlin’s future

October 18, 2012

Student journalists Kate Ottewell and Aimee Mazzarolo and Josie Huynh and Molly Baxter examine the reality and promises of public transport services in the region.

Public transport policy for Canberra

October 18, 2012

Student journalists Mel Catanzariti and Maddie Power look at major parties' public transport policies for the ACT, while Tamalii Laloulu, George Cross and Sean Downie focus on the southside of Canberra.

The future of same-sex marriage in ACT

October 17, 2012

Is same-sex marriage inevitable in Canberra as ACT Labor believes? Student journalists Tye Dunn and Lucia Coman report.

Independent candidate stirs up same-sex marriage debate

October 17, 2012

Student journalists Nicholas Hornby-Howell and Ryley McKay speak to controversial independent candidate Philip Pocock, and canvas other views about same-sex marriage.

Health of the ACT’s hospitals

October 17, 2012

What do the major parties pledge to do about the ACT's hospital waiting times? Student journalists Michael Worrall and Ryan Sharpe report.

Smokers feeling marginalised by policy

October 17, 2012

Student journalists Phil Morton and Hayley Brewer speak to smokers and health groups to get their reaction to ACT Labor's smoking, drugs and alcohol policies.

Gaming in Canberra

October 17, 2012

Student journalists Sam Noller and Alex Caughey Hutt look at the impact of gaming on Canberrans and analyse the major parties' policies to combat problem gambling.

Bridge to nowhere

October 12, 2012

Student journalists Aggie Bradshaw and Alyson Vardos examine the politics around the delayed Lake Ginninderra footbridge.

Frustrated locals promised a fix

October 11, 2012

Parking hassles in Erindale have caused long-term headaches for business and residents. As student journalists Antony Perry and Todd Davey report, the Canberra Liberals are proposing to solve a problem that locals believe ACT Labor has failed to address.

Young Canberrans go to the polls

October 11, 2012

In the lead-up to this month's ACT election, the Youth Coalition of the ACT conducted an extensive survey which highlighted issues concerning Canberra's young citizens. Here, student journalists Gregg Easton and Elena Arena take a light-hearted look at the ACT election and a more serious look at the major parties' responses to the youth survey.

Aboriginal health a “political football”

Aboriginal health a “political football”

October 10, 2012

The politics and progress of Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, by student journalists Ella Fisher and Melissa Meadowcroft.

Carers call for foster focus in Greens policy

October 4, 2012 1

A look at foster care policy in the ACT by student journalists Charlotte King and Alison Dance

Politics and Pizza

Politics and Pizza

September 5, 2012

By Next ACT student journalist Gregg Easton The closure of drop-in centres and improvement to public transport were just two of the issues raised at last night's youth election forum in the lead up to the ACT Election on October 20.

Tour of the Legislative Assembly

September 5, 2012

Shane Rattenbury, Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly, kindly agreed to take half an hour out of his busy schedule and give Next ACT a tour of the building. [youtube][/youtube]

Kula takes the LEGO Challenge

August 28, 2012

Next ACT wandered down to Digress restaurant and bar in Civic last Wednesday night to watch one of ACT Labor’s candidates for Molonglo, Mark Kulasingham, take The RiotACT’s LEGO Challenge. Check out the RiotACT’s LEGO Challenge coverage by John Griffiths. About a dozen campaign t-shirt-wearing ALP supporters turned up to cheer on Kulasingham, and they […]