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How Shane Rattenbury made his decision

After negotiations between the ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberals, each holding eight seats after the election results, student journalist Kate Ottewell speaks with Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury about his decision to make government with ACT Labor. “The key basis for my decision was the policy agenda that can be built over the next four […]

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT was just one of the issues negotiated upon between Greens and Labor after the election late last month, reports student journalist Ebony Vitucci. After votes were counted it was found ALP and the Liberals stood at equal standing, giving the single Greens MP a particularly influential […]

Women in ACT politics

During the Queen’s visit last year a symbolic moment occurred in Australian politics when she was greeted by the Governor General, the Prime Minister and the ACT Chief Minister. All three were women. The recent ACT election saw the issue of women in politics highlighted when an unusual phenomenon occurred with the Labor Party having […]

Costs of Greener Government?

ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury is the party’s sole representative to join Katy Gallagher and the Labor Party. Mr. Rattenbury’s position is one from which he can aid in the enactment of many of the more eco-friendly policies, reports student journalist Aimee Mazzarolo. “I took on the Ministry because after 17 years on the cross […]

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2012 Canberra Election

Junk food still has green light

Experts claim figures are still higher than ever after more than two years since the food industry introduced codes of practice in relation to junk food advertising aimed at children, with some calling for an overhaul of the advertising system reports student journalist Samuel Noller. During the lead up to the election, ACT Greens Meredith […]

Negative Campaigning

Negative Campaigning

It seems politicians these days have a lot to say about each other, specifically the downfalls and failures of their opposing party, argues student journalist Lucia Coleman. The recent ACT election witnessed the Canberra Liberals’ campaign that spread idea of that our rates will triple when Labor and the Greens took government. Professor Ian McAllister, […]

ACT shirks the polls

ACT shirks the polls

It appears Canberrans had better things to do than vote for a new government on October 20, reports student journalist Alexandria Caughey Hutt.

ACT Election has not yet inspired Cuban insult

José Antonio Gonzalez wrote the worst insult a Spanish speaker can make on his Cuban ballot paper. Student journalist Conor Hickey takes on the dry topic of electoral analysis and wonders whether ACT voters could be bothered to write insults on their ballot papers.

Canberra Liberals, Almost

Canberra Liberals, Almost

The Canberra Liberals achieved a record result this election and the leader’s popularity continues to grow but they have not been able to turn a record number of seats and more votes than the ACT Labor Party in to power, reports student journalist Jacqui Garrity. The Liberals’ strong showing has a number of possible explanations, […]

Electoral Future of ALP and Greens

How will the Labor-Green relationship play out? Student journalist Matt Mitchell asks political observers to get their thoughts.