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Did Twitter win the ACT election?

Student journalist Aggie Bradshaw questions whether social media campaigning directly affect the outcome though or does suggesting this just make us all feel better about being addicted to the fast-paced world of Twitter? When looking over election results and campaigning efforts in the lead up to the ACT election in October, it became obvious the impact that social […]

“I’m a foster kid, I’m different”: growing up in care

A look at foster care policy in the ACT by student journalists Alison Dance and Charlotte King.

How about the minor parties?

At the ACT's October poll, the three largest parties picked up almost 90% votes of total votes between them. However, the election was not all doom and gloom for minor parties, with some exceeding expectations and picking up a substantial number of votes. NextACT student journalists Corey Hammond, Matt Mitchell and Sarah Bannerman followed some of the smaller parties throughout the election campaign and put together an election wrap analysing their performances. In this piece they speak with Australian Motorist Party Candidate Chic Henry, and Bullet Train for Canberra candidate Tim Bohm.

Gallagher Government Returns

The ALP has returned to power in the ACT after receiving support from the sole Greens MLA, Shane Rattenbury. Each of the major parties hold eight seats. Greens representation was reduced to a single seat, albeit with the balance of power retained. Part of the agreement is to introduce marriage equality legislation, says Rattenbury. Further key issues […]

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2012 Canberra Election

A surprise result

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps kept themselves busy on election day. After grabbing democracy sausages at a primary school voting booth they chatted to Canberrans, and then hit the tally room and the major parties' parties to interview candidates such as Zed Seselja and Shane Rattenbury. Here is their analysis of the election result as it stands on Monday morning, and the state of negotiations between the three parties.

Planning in Tuggeranong

Student journalists Matthew Chown and Jessica Frecklington look at the future of planning and development in Tuggeranong.

Next stop: light rail?

It may seem like a case of déjà vu, but ACT voters can be forgiven for thinking they have heard it all before when it comes to bringing light rail to Canberra, reports student journalist Alexandria Caughey Hutt.

Light on light rail details

Transport is a big issue on the ACT election agenda. At varying levels of funding, the three major parties have each proposed election policies aimed at improving Canberra’s public transport system, reports student journalist Jacqui Garrity.

The active future of public transport

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps examine active transport policies in the lead up to the ACT election.

New stadium for Canberra

New stadium for Canberra

With one of the coldest climates in Australia, is it time that Canberra got a new purpose built stadium in the CBD? Student journalist Ryley McKay analyses ACT Sports Minister and ALP candidate Andrew Barr's comparison of the proposal for a new stadium in Canberra to Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium.