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Developing a creative Canberra

Developing a creative Canberra

The Canberra art scene thrives on local up-and-coming artists to promote Canberra as successful creative city. But when most young artists see a better chance of survival in other cities, how do we convince them they have just as many opportunities here at home? Student journalist Emma Bourke explores the challenges for local practioners.

ACT community and local politics

Each day this week students from the University of Canberra journalism program shall present a number stories on one or two major themes. Today is a double-header of 'ACT Community Issues' and 'Local Politics'.

Bridge to nowhere

Student journalists Aggie Bradshaw and Alyson Vardos examine the politics around the delayed Lake Ginninderra footbridge.

Frustrated locals promised a fix

Parking hassles in Erindale have caused long-term headaches for business and residents. As student journalists Antony Perry and Todd Davey report, the Canberra Liberals are proposing to solve a problem that locals believe ACT Labor has failed to address.

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2012 Canberra Election

Young Canberrans go to the polls

In the lead-up to this month's ACT election, the Youth Coalition of the ACT conducted an extensive survey which highlighted issues concerning Canberra's young citizens. Here, student journalists Gregg Easton and Elena Arena take a light-hearted look at the ACT election and a more serious look at the major parties' responses to the youth survey.

Aboriginal health a “political football”

Aboriginal health a “political football”

The politics and progress of Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, by student journalists Ella Fisher and Melissa Meadowcroft.

Carers call for foster focus in Greens policy

A look at foster care policy in the ACT by student journalists Charlotte King and Alison Dance

ACT Labor same-sex marriage policy on its way

By Next ACT student journalist Jelisa Apps Just two days after same-sex marriage legislation failed in the Federal House of Representatives, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher revealed that an ACT Labor policy on same-sex marriage is on its way.

Politics and Pizza

Politics and Pizza

By Next ACT student journalist Gregg Easton The closure of drop-in centres and improvement to public transport were just two of the issues raised at last night's youth election forum in the lead up to the ACT Election on October 20.

Tour of the Legislative Assembly

Shane Rattenbury, Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly, kindly agreed to take half an hour out of his busy schedule and give Next ACT a tour of the building. [youtube][/youtube]