Valiente at rest
Valiente at rest

This is Valiente. He lost one of his front legs when he was fairly young – from memory he was the victim of a hit-and-run by a car sometime in September 2006 – typically we never found out what car and who was driving.

Being a front-leg amputee makes getting around a bit harder for Valiente than if he had lost a back leg. He can still show a surprising turn of speed over short distances and can acquit himself well in vigorous play/fights at close quarters, but we no longer send him out for the 7 kilometre runs that most of the big dogs get every day – it is just too much stress on his shoulder joint.

When we are out walking Valiente will usually hang with his fellow amputee, Corazon – Corazon is a back-leg amputee and suffers none of the problems that prevent Valiente from running long distances and runs with the pack every day.

Valiente is a pretty stable character and appears to have suffered no psychological problems because of his disability. He is well-regarded by his peers, gives-and-gets well enough in a stoush and has a fairly level temperament. He loves a pat and a scratch, a good lie down and has taken first dibs on use of the little dog house we got recently – most days he’ll be parked in there with just his nose and eyes peeking out – looking for opportunities and/or trouble.

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