Mr Fluff - Cutest little ex-camp dog in town!!

This is Fluff-fluff – or Mr. Fluff, of just Fluff – depending on our mood at the time.

He came over our fence at Yuendumu a few months ago as a very sick young puppy who we thought was going to die soon.

But he is a very tough bugger and survived and thrived to be a thoroughly delightful young pup who got on with all the other dogs and loved his daily walks through the bush.

Over the past few months a group called PAWS in Sydney has been taking a few of our young dogs for placement to local families – including the terrible twins Bobette and Colette, who now have a wonderful new home somewhere in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

PAWS describes itself as:

…a small group of self-funded rescuers and volunteer foster carers whose primary aim is to help lost or abandoned animals in NSW, Australia…We are a small, private non-profit rescue group that has no paid staff, no offices to pay rent on, no large advertising campaigns and no government funding. We rely mainly on word of mouth to promote our website, which features animals who are either currently in the Pound, or who have been rescued from Death Row and placed with a foster carer…By featuring their photos and stories on our website it is possible to save a life without the “emotional trauma” of visiting the Pound in person.

Parting with Mr Fluff was pretty hard and a few tears were shed – not only by the humans – I think Mr Fluff was more than a bit worried as he was put into the pet box and onto the plane for Sydney in mid-August.

So it was a profound relief when we heard that Mr Fluff had been accepted by a loving family in Sydney’s eastern suburbs a few short weeks after his trip to Sydney.

And just last week we learned that Mr Fluff now has a new name, “Mali”, and that he has achieved justified stardom as the winner, against some pretty stiff competition, of the Woolahra Council’s Cutest Dog Photo Competition judged at Puppies in the Park on Sunday 20 September.

Puppies in the Park is a new community dog event proudly presented by Woollahra Council providing dog owners in the municipality with information and advice on pet ownership and an opportunity to have some fun with your four legged friends. More than 400 dogs and their owners attended Woollahra Council’s first Puppies in the Park event at Rushcutters Bay Park.

And the prize – a $250 voucher for a portrait sitting and credit towards prints donated by Marc Gafen the Phodographer.

And right about the time that Fluff went off to Sydney to find a new home a dear friend who works with PAWS sent this email out seeking help with this great program:

Earlier this year I volunteered with my twin 15yr old daughters at Yuendemu. My girls helped at the Warlukurlangu Art Centre and I helped the vet Dr Honey Nelson and Gloria with the Dog control program.

In the meantime as a foster carer of rescued pound dogs for I am trying to find some homes for the dogs Gloria rescues.

So far I have homed 4 in 2 months and want to do more.

Is there any way you could think of supporting this venture? The dogs are all micro-chipped,vaccinated, de-sexed, heart worm checked and their new owners thoroughly inspected.

I can send photos of the dogs homed to date and the new ones.

So, if you think you can help the work of PAWS – or want to give one of their dogs a home – have a look at the website here.

And if you have any thoughts about or experiences of looking after camp dogs please feel free to register and leave a comment.

And here are a few more – doing one of the three things they do best – sleeping…except for the beautiful stumpy-tailed Ernie, who always has an eye out for the main chance – usually food – and is now also available for adoption.

Have a look at the list on the PAWS site to see his story.


And, courtesy of Gloria Morales, who is far more responsible for the rehabilitation of these animals than I, here are some earlier photos of Mr Fluff from his days at Yuendumu…